Oh, My Blogroll! Oh, My Referrers!

I am finding that people have disappeared! People have gone private! HELP ME!!!

I had something noted to this effect (well, not quite like this), on my Page about my Blogroll.  I’ve since changed it.  Maybe I should edit it, but how many people would continue to read the Page? Do I keep putting posts up like this over and over? *shakes head*

If you read me (and I used to read you), may I please have the password to your protected blog? Again, some of you are on my Blogroll.  Also, if you have me Blogrolled and I don’t you, may I please have your password? I would love to read your blog!

If you’ve disappeared, I know you, and you’re still reading, email me and let me know how you are! Well, if you feel comfortable doing so.

I did at least find that one of my blogging pals has “resurfaced.”  I thought I’d lost him forever! I just did a hover over his link on my Blogroll, and a newly, designed site! Whew!

As for the rest, I hope at least some of you guys get this SOS Call.  Thanks.

  1. arifaery

    I have totally been experiencing this as well! Maybe I should do a post like this.


  2. It seems like every year, about this time, we lose a bunch of recovery bloggers… either they go private, or stop, or pause. Seaneen tried to stop but couldn’t, Nita (from India) has stopped, Up & Down has stopped, no Quick fix has given up again, i was normal (once) stopped months ago, Karen: In Theory stopped after going into the hospital… I went through my blogroll a couple of weeks ago and found about a half-dozen others who haven’t posted in at least three months.

    I never know what to do with the bloggers who go private. Do I keep them in the blogroll? What’s the point, if they don’t want the traffic? If they don’t offer me the password, should I be asking for it?



  3. My blog is public….on the other hand it is all about roleplaying games, and the occasional chemistry post, so probably not of interest to most of your readers.


  4. Hi arifaery. Yes, seems to be a bit of a phenomenon (or more than a bit?), so I shouldn’t be surprised, perhaps. True, maybe you could do a post like this, as well?

    Hi Gabriel…. How did I know you’d show up for this one! As above, why should (or shouldn’t?) I be surprised. *shakes head* We do run into this problem often, don’t we? And yes, what do we do about it?

    With some of the bloggers that have ended up going private in the past, I did end up corresponding with them, so lucky enough to have an email address. That’s extremely rare, though. I struggle with the Blogroll issue, too. What if they “un-private” themselves? However, you have no way of knowing. The blog is still useful, but how can you keep an eye on everyone? I have enough of a problem keeping up with my own blog! *rolls eyes*

    I have no problem with people stopping blogging, yet keeping their blogs up. I leave them there, as I still think good information can be found on them.

    What really got me this time was seeing a couple of clicks via my Referrers on my Dashboard. I recognized the blog name, and was wracking my brain for the person! I just couldn’t remember who it was! It was driving me bonkers!

    I was almost positive I had email correspondence with the person, as well! That meant I could have contacted them! It was so frustrating! Also, since it was a Referrer, it could have been a comment I left there, but no! Since I was so familiar with the name, I was pretty damn sure I was on their Blogroll.

    I agree: “…blah.”

    Hi Canageek. My Blogroll isn’t “exclusive,” in any way. Oh, not at all! I love to mix it up! I’m such a dope, I guess I just forgot you in my insane and completely redonculous life! I should have Blogrolled you sooner! I’ll do it right now!


  5. sax

    Article writing is also a excitement, if you be familiar with then you can write
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  6. Hi, sax. Pleased to meet you, and welcome to my rather decrepit Blog. At least for now?

    I couldn’t agree with you more. However, I haven’t been doing any of my own writing for a long time either. So, it is not just my Blog that is sitting here silent and dormant!

    Thank you for coming by to leave your wonderful Comment about the topic of writing. It is so, very important that we all encourage each other–especially when we are laying silent and dormant.

    Take care


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