Should I Be (More) Worried About My Body? …Yet?

I’ve just come home, and am “conveniently” wearing Gastro Man’s scrubs as pyjamas.  Yes, my Gastroenterologist gave me some of his scrubs.  Yes, I am that close with all of my physicians.  I feel like crap, am ready for bed, so have also just taken my meds.  I am extremely exhausted.  Regardless, because of lateness (not even?) illness, and being so tired, I may not be able to finish this until tomorrow.  I suspect that will be the case.  I wasn’t even going to log on when I got home, but wanted to check my personal email.

EDIT: I had to wait until “tomorrow” (today), and I am still wearing Gastro Man’s scrubs.  I am still in bed.

Alright, why the increase in worry? I was at my friend J.’s house tonight taking care of some business.  I do not have a scale.  He does.  However, home scales are not always as accurate as medical ones–especially, and increasingly so, as they get older.  J. says his scale is accurate in comparison to his GPs.  I had been using it as a benchmark, based upon that.

Guess what seemed to be the bearer of bad tidings for me tonight? I’ll tell you, his bloody scale had better be inaccurate! Otherwise, I’ve lost more weight! It may not be much, but I don’t have any to spare.  If his scale is correct, I’m now 90lbs.! That was my worst years ago.  I can not go any further below that! My waist measurement has decreased as well! I now have a 25″ waist! I have lost a full inch! I am extremely unhappy with that number!!!

I need to see Sweetie GP and Merlin #2 now, anyway.  I can get properly weighed, then.  I hope that Sweetie GP is back from Mat. Leave.  Her locum is a lovely woman, but she is not familiar with my medical history.

EDIT: I just caught the upstairs tenant heading into her flat.  She has a scale, too.  Guess what, again? I don’t think I need to tell you the results!

This is a hot one, as well! I just looked at my arm and holy cats! I had bloodwork done yesterday (EDIT: that would be Thursday), and this has never happened before! It’s not the fault of the phlebotomist, either.  A clean and gentle puncture; a quick and efficient draw.  You’re not supposed to strain yourself afterward, but I did have my laptop bag.  I picked it up once, just to shift things a bit, and then carried it with my other arm.  Yes, “Ow!” It hurt.

But should it have hurt that much? And, yes, 24 hours or more later? Holy cats! There is some slight bruising off to the side of the site of the puncture, but about two inches down my forearm? Everything is totally swollen and bruised! I don’t quite look like Popeye, who has just downed a can of spinach, but still! Never.Happened.Before.

I am now rather curious about that blood work done.  How exactly will my CBC panel appear? Are my WBC counts going to be so low, they’ll look like I’m dying of a fatal disease?

Hey, a low Lymphocyte count could be indicative of all of this business with me possibly not absorbing any of my food.  Then, we have my Neutrophils.  A low count there would explain the swelling around the wound.  Also my B12 deficiency–even though I am supplementing–although, if I’m not absorbing anything? *tosses confetti in air*  However, I do bruise like a peach (and have all of my life), so that’s not too much of an issue–except for the blood draw! I didn’t even bruise with the one done three months ago!

I’m not even going to mention my Ferritin levels ordered.  Oh, I don’t want to go near how anemic I actually may be right now! I became anemic right off the bat years before! If my food is shooting right through me, goodbye iron! *rolls eyes*

Gastro Man and I have got that one covered.  I’m going the transfusion route, if need be.  I told him before that supplementation sucks.  Plus, if things really do become more complicated (or already are), I may not end up absorbing the damn pills, anyway!

Also, this exhaustion.  I’m so tired.  I wasn’t before.  Yes, school was killing me, and I was going crazy.  I still am going like gangbusters, but something’s changed.  I’m crashing.  I get to a point in the evening where I just start to shut down.  I will push myself if I really, really have to, but it is hard! Otherwise? I’m just…gone…

Yes, I know I’m sick.  My Gastro Sx. returned a while ago.  Some of the “core” things are the same as before, but others are quite different! Or are appearing as, leading toward, “the different!” Perhaps, in a diagnostic sense? Perhaps, in a “what the hell is going on sense?”

Starting to “shut down.”  Definitely better save this to edit and post tomorrow.

Okay, again, it is “tomorrow.”  I guess this is ready.  The question still remains, though.  Should I be (more) worried? I think I already am.


  1. *Hug* No panic? Talk to your doc about drinking Boost shakes? That is what I did when my weight got dangerusly low back when I was on old-school Ritalin.


  2. Hi Canageek Thanks *hug* Actually, Ensure (or any other similar substitute), has been a staple in my fridge ever since I got sick in the first place, years ago! I always drink it when I feel like I just can’t eat, or when I’m pressed for time, and need something “to go.”

    So, Gastro Man knows I already do that. Funny, I was just thinking of going to get one now, and having it with a sandwich!

    This time around, my appetite isn’t affected, really. That’s one of the screwy things! I am eating. Well, these days gentle stuff as it hurts! Still, I’m not starving myself! That said, why all the weight loss? It makes no sense! Well, at least not yet…? I don’t know. *shakes head*

    Perhaps, the endoscopy with reveal something this time around. It really is the best way and completely necessary. We need to have a look and a poke around inside me. Take some biopsies, too. Send them off for testing…


  3. I don’t know what to say, I’ll just offer <>


  4. Hi GirlBlue. It’s alright if you don’t know what to say. Just coming by and leaving a comment is more than enough.

    Also, I’ll take whatever you gave me in between those characters! I know whatever it was, it was something good? I can’t even type them in my comment, as WP thinks they’re HTML, and something is missing in between! *laughing*


  5. GirlBlue

    gah! hugs I sent hugs ((hugs))


    blows kisses without brackets


  6. Hi GirlBlue. *laughing* It’s okay. I knew it was something good! Hugs and kisses back to you!


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