The fall out from the bloodwork I had done on March 11, 2010 (see post March 13, 2010–sorry no link–the less typing the better!) reached epic proportions today.  I was in so much pain, I began to feel nauseous.  My mobility and function is now hampered, as using my arm results in more of that pain! I can not believe things have reached this level, and even that this has happened, 11 days after a simple venipuncture!

I went to the ER straight after school, today.  I almost broke out in tears trying to write during class!

Funny.  I looked at my hospital band where they usually put your family doctor’s name.  It wasn’t my family doctor’s name! I thought they had screwed up when they admitted me! I asked the ER Nurse who admitted me to the dept. who it was.  She told me it was the Chief of the Emergency Dept.! I started joking with her about how special and privileged I was, and would I be seeing her? She told me that she didn’t know right now, but maybe later? Well, well…

I had to look up at home who I did see.  A woman from General Surgery! I guess there was concern (the same concern/s I had), about vascular damage.  The doctor from Gen. Surg. didn’t seem to think so.  I did not speak to “Chief of Emerg.,” however, she was consulted.

The ruling (at least so far…?) No vascular damage as far as “Gen. Surg.” was concerned.  She said to take OTC painkillers regularly, do hot/cold therapy (whatever I could tolerate), and REST!

REST.  Now, isn’t that jolly? People, the bloodwork was done on my right arm.  I am right handed! I have so much work to do for school! I am somewhat ambidextrous, but my writing will be slow and certainly difficult to read.  Keyboarding? I don’t know if that’s any better! To cover the entire thing with one hand? Mousing? Not so bad.  At least with the computer it’s legible!

REST.  With the amount of pain I am in, unless the OTC meds work a miracle, I think it will take quite a bit of it.  I nearly laughed in floor nurse’s face when she gave me a couple of Ibuprophen, and was told to: “See how it works.”  Good grief.

If things do not improve, I have a personal invite to go back and see “Gen. Surg.,” and “Chief of Emerg.”  Gen. Surg.” was actually very nice.  We ended up on a first name basis.  I always use my “Med Geek Speak” when in hospital, but now I have the added advantage of explaining to them I am school studying the field.  Perhaps, it’s an unfair thing to say regarding the folks I have dealt with in the profession, but in stating my education, I now get much better treatment!

Okay, enough typing? Ouch? I need to figure out how I’m going to tackle my homework for tonight! Left handed, or screw it! Deal with the pain, and use both? Also, I’ve just taken some Gravol, so I’m well on my way to “Loopy Land.”

Alright.  Information relayed.  If I’m a bit slow around here, it’s probably because I’m typing with my damn, “wrong” hand! Lord, first I make an “announcement” that it will be “quiet,” now one that it will be “slow?” An entirely new level of blogging insanity around here!


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