Shortest Post I’ve Ever Written?

You made your own bed? You lie in it.

  1. >.> What if I lie in an unmade bed?


  2. Hi Canageek. Well, that might depend? Hmmm…maybe on a lot of factors? Tell me what you think?


  3. …I think I’ve made my bed twice in twenty-five years. I hope everything’s okay ninJAH.


  4. Hi Gabriel…. *laughing* Hey, did you vote for my “One and Only Nutcase Bed Poll!” on my sidebar?

    So far, it’s doing not so bad with 79 votes cast. Feel free to vote again. Everyone else, chime in and vote, as well! I just cast another ballot for myself, and I think anyone reading can guess what my selection was…yep. *nods*

    I’m alright, nin-JAH. I just reached a “Brain Go Pop,” moment this week. And so it goes? At times we have no control over these things. I’m on the mend, although my anxiety levels are still really high. I’m looking forward to this long weekend coming up, so I can hopefully recalibrate my head, some? Hopefully?



  5. i’m with GabrielYOU made your bed!!!???!!! Let the snowball fights in the nether world begin! :P

    Ok, maybe that was a bit much, lol. Hmmm, head recalibration on an Easter long weekend, eh? Maybe a new pillowcase might make a difference (i’d save the whole bed-making thing for an important holiday like, say St. Jean-Baptiste day tho *wink*)


  6. Hi Arkay. Maybe you’ve gotten it backwards? Have you seen the poll? My bed/office/closet/pharmacy has been in pretty rough shape since…wow…I don’t know.

    So, I could be the one that’s wrong then? I just woke up so I’m probably wrong about everything. Wait. I definitely am. Because I’m pretty much wrong about everything when I’m awake. Hang on…doesn’t that mean I’m right…? Oh, bugger sleepy logic!

    A “Bed-Making Holiday.” Maybe we should just make one for it’s own special purpose. I think so! Except, since it’s a holiday, most people would lie around in bed all day, so the beds would never get made!!! BWAH-HAH-HAH!!!


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