It appears that wee PA is experiencing things with greater difficulty.  As if the resistance to doing any cuttings wasn’t bad enough.  She is now having thoughts of suicidal ideation to deal with.  However, she sees the latter as mere annoyances.  Painful annoyances, but nonetheless, she will not be leaving this planet.  You can bet that will never happen under my watch! Absolutely, unequivocally, without a doubt!

She did make a brief appearance here a while ago to respond to a comment.  Still, I have chosen to write this update on her behalf.  She really is quite unwell.  She could not attend school today, and spent the entire morning basically paralyzed with depression in bed.  I now have her up and moving about.  I am also preparing her some tea.

I would like to stream a song for her on MP3 of the Moment, but I’m not exactly sure what would make her feel a bit better.  What would a good choice be, to try and give her some encouragement to keep going? Goodness, I sure wouldn’t want to run the risk of depressing her further! Although, even if it may sound counterintuitive, PA does listen to sad music when she is depressed, at times.

Alright.  I have made a decision.  Keep swimming, my little PA.  I’ll be right there beside you, to help keep you afloat, with my small, but mighty fins.

“Sudden Waves” by June Tabor


  1. Hey AP, can you pass a message onto PA for me? Let her know I’m here to talk if she needs, she should have my phone #, but if not you or her can DM me for it.

    Music I like to keep me going;

    That enough?


  2. theaspiepenguin

    Hi Canageek. Thank you for showing up and offering some music for PA to listen to. It’s even better that you listen to it to inspire yourself. You are a good friend to her.

    Also, thank you very much for your offer of ways to communicate with her. She mentioned that you did manage to catch her briefly, when she was checking her email. She thanks you for popping by to say hello, and that you care.

    Actually, I will take a moment to thank everyone for caring, those with whom she has had personal contact, and those with whom she has had contact via me. Also, even those who have simply bothered to think of her at this time. You all mean a great deal to her.

    I’m not sure what the plans will be for this weekend. Wee PA is now sick. She is fighting an infection, so more rest is definitely needed. She just woke up a while ago, and is online, and on Twitter. We shall continue to take things on a “moment by moment,” basis.

    All the best everyone,


  3. May

    Big hugs from me to you!


  4. theaspiepenguin

    Hi May. Thank you for the hugs. Are they for me or for wee PA? Well, either way, we’ll both take them. How does that sound?

    Take care, my lovely lady.


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