Maybe it has to take all of them.  Most of them?

Tonight was epilepsy night.  I haven’t had a seizure in a long time.  That’s good.  Definitely before starting school, which I accredit to having a regular schedule.  I started school in the New Year.

Tonight? Dammit! I’m so tired, I can barely type this.  I haven’t even taken my meds, but I’m too exhausted to care.   When I seized, it was only a Simple Partial, rapid eye blinking, and drooling.  Crap! When the hell did my legs decide to abandon me? Well, it was sometime later, but for my epilepsy, that is how it can be.  Exactly, that.  My eyes…then somehow later my legs will just give out?

Neat, huh?

Needless to say, I have called in sick for school.  School Dude is cool with my epilepsy.  I am not cool with School Dude and my epilepsy right now!!!

EDIT: That bold font? It’s probably me just being post-“ick”tal.©  The thing is, I think I’ve been moving through a few post-“ick”tal© states–both physical and emotional.  For example, I went non-verbal.  That’s not epilepsy, is it? Well, unless you are having a seizure where you can’t communicate, but I wasn’t.  No, that was PA getting into Major Aspie Mode. She was post-“ick”tal© and unable to talk.

Now? God, where am I? My head is killing me.  Let me stand up! Let me check my legs!

Oh.  Not so good.  Not so good at all! Careful, wee PA!

Next question? Will you be post-“ick”tal© when you wake up? *ponders*

With the Big Bangers, yes! This wasn’t so big.  It’s a “wake up and see.”  At this point, I’ll wager, yes.


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