Tsarina Seizurella Has Now Arisen

Indeed.  It appears someone has broken through the fortress gates and disturbed Tsarina Seizurella© with quite an abrupt stir.  What’s worse, she was also entertaining Princess Migraine© last night.  Now, we have two Royals that are not particularly happy at all.  That would be putting it bluntly!

Ah, yes.  Tsarina Seizurella© is definitely post-“ick”tal© today.  She also had to speak to J. to get her full “observer account.”  She can never stress how important a thing that is to do.  It was basically as she recalled, nothing so odd or any loss of consciousness.  All activity needs to be documented for record keeping purposes.

Two separate events of rapid eye blinking that lasted app. one to two minutes each, both including some drooling.  The second time around, some immediate post-“ick”tal© emotional outpouring.  J. said I was very teary.  I have experienced this before.  Then I went non-verbal.

I don’t recall ever going non-verbal after a seizure.  That’s new–and maybe a bit odd.  Well, anything is possible with my brain.  I somehow went into some form of post-“ick”tal© Aspie Land? Actually, the more I think about it, not so strange after all? Think about a trigger that can make someone with Asperger’s go non-verbal.  One could be a stressor of not being able to communicate.  That has definitely been one for The Arch Alien of Asperger’s© What has been involved in not being able to communicate for The Arch Alien of Asperger’s©? Emotion–to some degree?

Tsarina Seizurella© was having emotional outbursts when she was post-“ick”tal©.  That may be a bit of a stretch…maybe not.  Either way, it probably doesn’t matter so much.  More of the interesting, really? Also interesting would be to discuss this with others who have Asperger’s, are on the Spectrum etc… who have comorbid epilepsy.  Have you ever gone non-verbal when post-“ick”tal©? If you’re reading, let me know.

Oh.  Number three.  My legs.  Well, I didn’t have an atonic seizure per se, as I didn’t lose consciousness.  However, there was atonic muscle activity.  It was also identical to ways it has appeared before.  I am still walking a bit weird with my right ankle twisted, so my foot is pointed out at about 45 degrees.

Tsarina Seizurella© was quite surprised in going back to find out her last, significant seizure occurred in October of 2009.  That’s really good considering they were happening so frequently before.  Within weeks, sometimes even days of each other?

Stress was always the “theory” behind all of it.  Stress last night? Oh, boy.  Apart from Tsarina Seizurella’s© own of late, there was J.  Dear, lord.  He called her and she had never heard him like that.  He was actually crying.  He was practically suicidal.  Tsarina Seizurella© was considering dragging him to hospital! No, instead they met and spent the afternoon and night together, trying to find ways to piece his life back in some form, somehow.  Or at least try to get him back on track for the next 24 hours!

Perhaps the stress of both of their lives drove Tsarina Seizurella’s© threshold so low, her brain had no other option but to explode.  Enter Princess Migraine©.  This headache really is a bit much.  The standard cognitive impairment and mood disturbances (Depression, Anxiety) are making Tsarina Seizurella© feel incredibly guilty about calling in sick for school today, as well.  Plus, on a day with a test scheduled. *sighs*

Even if she really pushed it, she’s too nauseous to move much, anyway.  She’d never be able to make it to school.  Bugger.  All twisty legs and stupid! And barfy.  Thank goodness she still has a stash of anti-nauseants around.

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