I bought a cane today.  I feel like an old woman! *laughing*  Well, not really.  I feel…sort of odd.  When I was walking with it, feeling peoples’ eyes on me, yes…what an “odd” feeling.  What were they thinking?

I’m so used to having “Invisible Disabilities,” as the saying goes.  By the way, I do not refer to myself as “Disabled.”  However, now I was “Visible.”  Surely, had anyone looked at my Medic-Alert Bracelet, the epilepsy would have led some of them to that as an answer? Well, it was indeed “the answer.”  However, in not seeing it? An accident or injury? Post-surgical healing? A lifetime condition of something–therefore some kind of disability?

So, why did I buy myself a cane? Well, another nasty seizure last night.  They’re coming in clusters–again.  My legs were in really rough shape.  I remembered J. had somehow buggered his leg up in the past and had crutches.  I knew I would be post-“ick”tal©, but I was going to drag myself to school no matter what shape I was in.  Every Friday we have a test, and I will miss no more classes period.  Full stop.  So, J. came over before I left for school and brought me his crutches.  Slight problem?

J. is 5″10″! Wee PA is about 5’2″! A bit of work to get the crutch to work as a cane? It did improve my speed of mobility, I will admit that.  It was “work” to actually use it, though.

Why I broke down and didn’t wait to get a cane later? *shakes head* I was so tired when class was over, the damn crutch became an impediment! I was actually tripping over it! I had to walk to two drug stores but finally found one–that I like! Does that sound strange? I like my cane!

It’s one of those collapsible ones.  Like you tend to see being used by people that are visually impaired.  I can carry it around with me? I just “unwrap” it, and, “snap, snap, snap!” Out pops my cane! It kind of scared me when I tried it out in the store.  It seemed more like a weapon! Hey, really great for Purple nin-JAH??? *smirks*

It is really great, though.  It sure paid for itself, today.  With the whole brain hemispherical, flippy-floppy business, as far as my motor seizures, it would appear that there is more neuronal misfiring happening on the left side.  My right leg is always in far worse shape than my left! Today, it felt like it weighed about 20lbs. more in comparison to the other! So, I was very happy to have that cane!

Also, as an aside, I’m not so disgustingly, evil post-“ick”tal© today.  But I’m still feeling the love! Regardless, I am so grateful I’m not as sick as usual that I want to weep! I made it to class! I completed my test!

I have thought about getting a cane for my epilepsy for a long time now.  I always questioned whether it really would be useful.  I guess I now have my answer? Another thought came to me today, too, apart from the whole safety aspect.  If there are other times when I’m feeling somewhat okay-ish while post-“ick”tal©, my cane might give me some encouragement to get out and around.  Even if it’s just for a bit?

  1. You can definitely use that can to go all Ninja on someone. ;-)

    Sorry to hear about the cane, though. Glad to hear about the test! Yes, I’m incredibly out of the loop. I haven’t been writing in ages, nor visiting any of my friends blogs. Bad friend; bad, bad friend. :-(

    Hope to catch up with you soon!

    Hugs, BTM


  2. Hey, you should have gotten a sword-cane. ‘Mock PA? CHOP CHOP!” Hehehehe. Glad you are a bit more mobile now! *hug*


  3. Hi beartwinsmom. Good to see you. Yes, Purple nin-JAH now has another weapon to add to her arsenal! She’d just better not use it in that manner when she’s post-“ick”tal! She may end up injuring herself!

    Actually, the cane really is a good thing. I will need it again today. Not just because of the seizure on April 22 but a highly strong suspicion of a nocturnal seizure last night! No, I’m serious.

    So, the cane is a godsend! I have to make it out to the pharmacy and I’m sicker than I was yesterday. Still I’m out of a med so no choice.

    Ah, you’re not a bad friend! Don’t say that! I’m still so out of the loop with reading blogs too. You’re not alone!


    Hi Canageek. Yes, dual purpose? Walking and chopping? Limping and slicing?

    I could use it to injure all the idiots that don’t give me “right of way” when they see me hobbling along. That’s another thing I noticed, too. It was really bugging me as I always give lots of room to folks with canes, in wheelchairs or motoring along on their little scooters. I also help people with baby carriages on and off transit. ‘Geez.

    Thanks, though. Again, the cane was/is a really good investment. Too bad about why I have to use it but…

    Hugs to you too,


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