I am a prisoner of my own mind and body.

There were two more seizures that happened I didn’t blog about.  One occurred last Thursday and another nocturnal last Saturday night.  I am very sick.  Or still very sick, as I never fully recovered since all of this started two weeks ago.  Two weeks ago.  Seven separate events within two weeks.  More than ever before.

I am a prisoner of my own mind and body.

All is different.  My cane has to be with me everywhere.  These seizures are happening so quickly.  Before, I had warning.  I had at least some sense, perhaps, where things would go.  What the outcome would be.  Now?

I am a prisoner of my own mind and body.

I am going to see Non-Arsey Neuro in two weeks.  Will there be anything to do? Titrate my meds? The seizures are idiopathic along with my lifelong condition of epilepsy.  And thus…

I am a prisoner of my own mind and body.

I didn’t even bother to pick up any more anti-nauseants on the way home today.  I am out.  Who cares? Who cares, indeed.  Well, I suppose I care about some things.  But I’d rather not.  Why?

I am a prisoner of my own mind and body.


  1. arifaery

    I hope you feel better.


  2. Vagus nerve stimulation? Not to dismiss or diminish your condition, but have you considered it? Not the implanted device kind, but the measured breathing, parasympathetic-nervous-system-jump-starting kind… the massaging the jugular… inhaling/exhaling using the abdomen kind. If nothing else, it might actually help you feel better. Nothing like a little shot of acetylcholine and (nor)epinephrine to brighten the day.


  3. Hi arifaery. Thanks, me too.

    Hi again brokenbrilliant. Your comment put a wee smile on my ghastly face. Dear god, I could only imagine (or I couldn’t?) what my brain would do with an implanted device!

    Have you made note of all my diagnoses? I feel like the biggest, neurological freak on the planet. I could very well be–or not–from this planet. I’m banking on the latter. And with the implanted device, with my luck, I’d nail all the “Cons.”

    I’ve only seen that the non-invasive is “under trial.” Still, here we come full circle to some more breathing, huh? However, another interesting point considering my “interesting” brain, is the Vagus nerve and my gastro problems. The Vagus nerve has a huge role to play in gastro function. Hmmm…

    Yes. The biggest, neurological freak on the planet (but not from it.)


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