Pre(r)amble: I had another migraine recently.  Three days ago.  I’m still recovering from it today.  The same thing happened with the last one.  This is not what used to happen.  Something else is going on, as well.  I’ll get to that at the end.  An interesting correlation?

Non-Arsey Neuro! Oh, how he makes me laugh! How we make each other laugh?

Today we discussed the new “addition” to my seizure profile.  Reflex seizures.  Well, it would be of no great leap to consider anything to do with light as a factor.  What with my eyes blinking all the time and me going blind so often.  Actually, not long ago, when I lost my vision, I had a pleasant change from my normal black.  Everything went red! I’m not kidding.  I was making terrible jokes about being so angry!

“I’m seeing red! I’m seeing red!”

Well, more jokes abound today.  After we also cleared up the business of me “thinking” my way into having Simple partial, bilateral, motor seizures (my legs start going haywire–or they don’t–and I fall over) we moved on to “Pattern Recognition.”  Oh, if you have no clue about me “thinking my way” into a seizure, ’tis true.  Higher cognitive functioning can cause this to happen.  And as such, the type of cognition that I was engaging in resulted in just the seizures I was having.

Pattern Recognition! Oh, how drool (oops, a bit of a seizure funny there, I drool a lot!) droll we became.  With pattern recognition, your jaw can twitch.  Mine has twice now.  Non-Arsey Neuro burst out laughing and said, “Oooh! Don’t look at my tie!” I did him one better.  I lifted my arm in rebuttal: “Oooooooh! Don’t look at my shirt!!!”

I’m wearing a long sleeved, tartan, flannel shirt over a turtleneck, today.  If I tied it around my waist, I’d be the perfect extra for a Nirvana video.  Well, if Kurt Cobain was still alive? No matter.

End result? We’re not doing anything with my meds.  We’re just going to keep my brain travelling along on its own, little, spastic trail…  What’s the count, now? Simple partials, Complex partials, Atonic seizures, Reflex seizures, tonic-clonics.  Le sigh.

And that correlation up there? My migraine recovery time and what is happening? Yes, the duration is longer, but I am feeling different things, also.  I am nauseous well after the event, I am cognitively impaired, my emotions are affected, I’m remaining both photophobic and phonophobic for longer periods.  Gee, does this sound familiar? Like I’m post-“ick”tal©? However, it’s not exactly the same.  No.  I can definitely tell the difference, as when I am post-“ick”tal©, I am much more ill!

I may actually have to give Arsey Neuro some credit here and say he really was worth something–other than merely being a tie or shirt sleeve to wipe my arse with! First, he was always curious about my Limbic system and now I have been for quite some time, as well.  Second, he was always curious about a link between my migraines and my seizures.  Hmmm…

At any rate, I’m tired of my brain.  Not just the epilepsy and the migraines–all of it! I wish it would just go away! But it won’t. *shrug*

Maybe next time I seize and lose my vision, I’ll see another colour.  Not red? Maybe that’s something to “look forward to?” *rolls eyes*


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