I was dragged out of the house tonight, very much against my own will.  Probably just as well.  It hasn’t exactly been one of my best days.  The PTSD Fairy came to visit me but in a much more “exciting” way! Oh, yes! Today I got to have maybe, just maybe…a bit of my past and present collide.  I’m not sure yet.  I haven’t had enough time to think about it because I was dragged out of the house tonight–very much against my own will.

Unfortunately, PTSD isn’t a very nice dinner companion.  It’s not exactly good manners to cry into your dish of Pad Thai, is it? That’s alright, PA.  Just keep swallowing.  You like your food nice and spicy anyway, don’t you? Let’s just crank the heat right up?

So full of snark was I, the word fuck came out of my mouth about 14 times while eating.  I just about told J. to fuck off before we even entered the restaurant.  When we were leaving, a kid wasn’t watching what he was doing, and banged into me with my all my gear.  I called him a “motherfucker.”

Okay…are we reaching Aspie Meltdown Territory? Bipolar Cycling City? A bit of fireworks going on? At least in PAs head?

Well, not just there.  Fireworks in my neighbourhood.  This is an annual thing for “Victoria Day.”  Yes, “Happy Birthday You Old Dead Queen!” Actually, it’s the only decent fireworks show they have in my city, anymore.  Rather a shame, but tonight I couldn’t give a shit.  That is why I was dragged out of my house tonight–very much against my own will.  J. and his friend wanted to come down and shoot them, as we all did last year.

However, J. said he didn’t bring his camera.  He “wasn’t going to bother.”  I told him that if I’d known that, I wouldn’t have bothered either! Then we argued about discussed how I should shoot them.  Meanwhile, I had already set my camera up for both options (HIS way and MY way.)  Just so I could prove that I knew what would work? That I…well, I thought I knew what was best?

So, walk down to the water, jam the tripod into the sand and wait for the show.  I didn’t tell him how I was shooting.

I’ll try to show you all some of the fruits of my labour as soon as I can.  270 pictures is kind of a lot to go through.  Yep, that’s right.  I shot 270 pictures during a fireworks display.  With no remote or cable release, also.  It was almost a bit of a workout, but I “won?” Doing it MY way? *rolls eyes*

I always use ‘bulb’ and it’s even easier with Digital SLRs now.  He wanted Aperture Priority.  When he saw the shots and how many, he admitted defeat.  They’re not all winners, of course! Hardly! But that is how photography works.  You have to take how many shots to get just the right amount of…”winners?” Or even anything that will pass? And I’m not even a professional.  Hardly again!

Yeah, I guess it was good to get out.  Do something somewhat creative? At least the pics are a lot better than last year’s.

Fucking Aperture Priority. *laughing* I don’t think I could have whipped off my 270 with that! HA!

NOTE TO PA: When you get up tomorrow, have a look at your recent blog posts.  You are really sounding like a bitch.


  1. i hope u regale us with a ‘top’ ten assortment (with maybe a couple of the “Fails’ thrown in for a good snicker or two) in a future post. ‘Cause you’re right, GOOD photography is about taking Tons of shots, and culling for those that “Wow!” or just touch you in some way. ‘Course, it’s SO much better (from a cost of ‘film’ perspective) with digital now – just blast away :D


  2. Hi Arkay. Sure, 10 out of 270! Well, as per my last comment to May up there on the post after this one, I did start to delete a “few” last night? Just some off the camera that I knew were useless. Although, some that look kind of “iffy” could turn out to be “interesting” when you get a larger view–not just on a small Digital SLR screen.

    Yes, from a cost perspective, you can’t beat digital, and also for the immediate, result factor. If you don’t get what you want, you can just keep going until you get something decent?

    However, I’ll never abandon film! No way! In fact, my film SLR is sitting with a roll of ancient ILFORD B&W in it right now. I have no clue how old the rolls are as they were given to me, but they’re sitting in my fridge and probably just fine. But I think there are at least a dozen of them! That’s a lot of shooting, but hey! If they are alright, fun to play with?


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