Poor Aspie Teacher! I denied her information about this via Twitter, because I said I wanted to write a post about it.  Then what do I go and do? I don’t write it!!!

I don’t like doing things like that.  It makes me feel totally irresponsible and mean.  Well…here it is.  The post with a bit more information about the cane I bought.

Aspie Teacher, up there had asked me what it looked like.  I had described it a bit in the post above, however, there is a lot more detail as to why I bought it (for my seizures and epilepsy etc…)  In terms of what it looks like, it’s one of those collapsible ones that you tend to see used by people who are visually impaired.  This is exactly what I wanted, so I could pack it up and carry it with me wherever I went.  You see, the whole point of me buying it, was because I started having Reflex seizures and they’ve been hitting me like Mack Trucks–right out of the blue.

It’s also black.  Why? How could you even ask such a question??? It’s black because black rules the Universe!!!

As a bit of time passed, I realized that if I was going to be hobbling around on this thing, something needed to be done.  Even though black rules the Universe, that wasn’t enough.  Hmmm…let’s see if we can fancy up my “Wonder Cane,” a bit.  I’d try and take some pictures but that wouldn’t work.  It’s a skinny, cylindrical object.  Kinda hard.  So, I’ll just tell you what ended up on Wonder Cane.

Right at the top, I put a little Radiation Symbol.  I called up my good pal Spider-Man and he came by for a visit.  It’s been about a year, I think? He brought some nice drawings of him along with that, so he’s crawling around and popping out in a couple of places.  From some of his older feature cartoons, some yellow “starbursts” that look sort of like “Kapow’s!” that you’d see on the screen.

After that, Spidey and I decided to take a bit of a vacation.  It’s been a long time since he’s been to Canada, and I’m patriotic, so I bought him a flag.  I put some Canadian paraphernalia on Wonder Cane, for sure! *PA salutes flag*

And speaking of flags, we had a little problem getting a flight to our destination.  Well, at least part of it? To get across the ocean, the only way we could do it, was by hopping aboard a Pirate Ship! “ARRRR Matey!!!”  Thankfully, they didn’t ask for Doubloons or anything, and our cash was good enough.  I think they liked us too, as I managed to score their flag! It’s wrapped around the top to cover the manufacturer’s name and logo.  Two large skulls and crossbones.  Definitely had to cover up that!

We finally reached our destination.  Egypt.  I actually met someone from the lineage of Nefertiti! Can you believe that! They gave me a really great (and highly valuable) picture of her.  And an amazing Ankh! I was speechless.  They have prime real estate on Wonder Cane!

On the way home, we decided to relax and unwind.  We went to an aquarium and bought some fish.  Really, pretty ones, too! Bright and shiny! We found a wee Panda that looked like it was in need of rescue, so we took him home, as well.  And of course, Aspie Penguin.  Did you think he didn’t come along as well? His was the first picture I added.  It’s an adult one of him, though.  The one on my blog, his avatar, is from his younger days.

So, I guess that’s it? That’s Wonder Cane!

  1. Helllooooooo House! One day you still have to get a photo for me. Sounds like Wonder Cane has some super adventures in store…


  2. Hi aspieteach. Hang on, my other line is ringing…

    “…you’ve reached the voicemail box of Dr. Gregory House…if you think I don’t care, you’re right, and press one for Dr. Cuddy…if you think you’re special, I still don’t care, and press two for Dr. Wilson…if you think you’re bisexual, I might care…leave all of your information and I’ll consult with 13…or maybe not…if you have no clue beyond this, you’re an idiot, and definitely press one for Dr. Cuddy…”

    I’ll see if I can whip you up a pic.


  3. May

    sounds like you had fun making it. You should post pics :P


  4. Hi May. Yeah, it was fun. I suppose I could try shooting it and see what comes out? I still have to work on the 270 pics of the fireworks though. *crosses eyes* I deleted a few last night…

    *shakes crazy shutterbug head*


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