Quite a bit if you’re trying to denote one for a specific purpose.  I’m so tired of looking at words (did you ever think that a possibility?) I may have even been redundant up there.  I’m not sure.  To “denote” already means for a specific purpose.  Am I just being semantically…vague? My entire brain is being rather “vague,” right now.  I think that’s only fair.  I’m quite sleep deprived, my head seems ready to blow up for lots of other reasons and I’ve been “denoting” for two days.  I’m finally done.  Tagline, to boot.

I don’t really know what the hell I’m doing regarding this at the moment, but thankfully, I’m not doing too much of it.  For now.  I’m just hanging back, somewhat.  Letting someone else take the lead.  I suspect I won’t be blogging at all about this, however, benign enough for this single post? It’s in its infancy.  Though, as time passes, highly doubtful.  I am anonymous, and highly undoubtful, it would bore you to death!

I’m starting a business.  Well, not on my own, as per the above.  Which is a good thing, as I have spent so long simply trying to name it.  It’s also good that I’m not doing it solo, as it would have zero chance of even getting off the ground.  Trust me.  In fact, I can hardly believe that I’m doing this at all.  At first, I was merely going to be an “employee” for this person.  After tossing some ideas across the table, then tossing some more approximately 18-25 kilometers into the air above said table, it was decided I would run it with them.  Apparently, I did have more to offer than originally thought. *smirks*

My “partner” has done all of this before.  I wouldn’t be touching it with a bargepole, if not the case! Thus, we’re both not walking into this blind.  Well, I am.  My bean’s so completely fried, at present, I’ve had to ask him about 500 times just what are we going to do? And sorry, I’m not going to tell you.  Granted, I could throw out some simple buzzwords (or regular words) and you’d probably have no clue.  Alright, alright…I’ll do it.

“Analytical and Strategic Platforms.”  “Customer Focused Deliverables.”  “Management, Consulting and Outsourcing.”  “Back End.”  “Front End.”  “In The Middle.”  “I Have A PDA.  Personally, It’s My First One And I Love It! But I Guess I Won’t Be Using It Much.  Bummer.  That’s Because You Won’t Really Need To Contact Me, Since We’re Just So Fabulous!”

So, there you go.  Any idea as to our services?

This is pretty screwy, I must admit.  I’m in such bad shape, I can’t even get my act together to find myself a real job.  Obviously, I need to do that! I’m still trying to process a lot of really, heavy,”life stuff.”  It’s rather draining.  I keep waking up, drenched in sweat, dreaming…dreaming…are they even nightmares? I’m having so many of them, I can’t tell anymore.  I’ve set up a journal for them but is it becoming almost pointless now? I can’t tell that either, but I’ll still keep trying to use it. *shakes head*

My partner anticipates that this will fly, although the majority of small businesses don’t make a profit (or a decent one?) when they first start out.  That’s fine.  We’ll keep throwing those receipts into the cardboard box, already sitting on my living room floor.  Write off as much of your entire life as you can! Nonetheless, money is money.  We’ll take it if it comes our way.

What is secondarily screwy, is that, so far beyond his “pick your brain” contacts, partner there, has now hooked up with more “significant” contacts.  Things are moving a lot faster than anticipated. *sighs*  Partner needs to be reigned in.  Despite never coming close to anything like this, with what I have done in my past work experience, up to this point, I’ve been managing to keep us on track in a logical, sensible fashion.  I think. *rolls eyes*


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