Archive for June 12th, 2010

I’ve been putting up a lot of crap stuff on lately, so time for my poor blog to get some attention.  This came up on my iPod on the way home from school today, so decision made.

I don’t know what language they are singing this in, but I think it’s Bulgarian.  If any of my readers are from Eastern Europe (or that know more about Lumin) please post a comment! I would love to know as I’ve had this song for years, now!

I’ve just spent way too long trying to find something online.  I thought I did, but when I tossed it all into babblefish, that’s about all I got–a bunch of babble! With what I found, it sure wasn’t Bulgarian! So, I tried some other languages.

Here were some of my (partial) results: “glossy shine on,” “you pay since,” “moving iron,” “profits,” “from,” “the vessel,” “the national,” “built a great shine on,” “and,” “a great lipstick in a,” “like.”

I guess that’s it.  Maybe something to give you an idea, but I’m kinda scratching my head a bit.

“Izgrala” by Lumin