Random Tune

I’ve been putting up a lot of crap stuff on blip.fm lately, so time for my poor blog to get some attention.  This came up on my iPod on the way home from school today, so decision made.

I don’t know what language they are singing this in, but I think it’s Bulgarian.  If any of my readers are from Eastern Europe (or that know more about Lumin) please post a comment! I would love to know as I’ve had this song for years, now!

I’ve just spent way too long trying to find something online.  I thought I did, but when I tossed it all into babblefish, that’s about all I got–a bunch of babble! With what I found, it sure wasn’t Bulgarian! So, I tried some other languages.

Here were some of my (partial) results: “glossy shine on,” “you pay since,” “moving iron,” “profits,” “from,” “the vessel,” “the national,” “built a great shine on,” “and,” “a great lipstick in a,” “like.”

I guess that’s it.  Maybe something to give you an idea, but I’m kinda scratching my head a bit.

“Izgrala” by Lumin


  1. Mia


    Judging by the singers name, I would think it’s Russian, but of course, the singer may just be Russian, but…I had to figure out were they were from and, well, the singer is born in Kazakhstan, but has Russian roots, thus the name. She sometimes sings in Bulgarian, so you were right there (I listened a bit to the singing, and it didn’t at all sound Russian), but also in her native Kazakh, or just her own ‘hybrid dialect,’ so that’s probably the reason for the problem in translation.



  2. Hi Mia. Nice to meet you and welcome to my blog. Apologies for not getting back to you for a bit, but WP holds comments for approval when they have noted links, just in case they are spam.

    For some reason, it didn’t get tossed into Akismet’s Trash Bin for me to deal with, and yet, I didn’t get a notification to approve you. Alas. The fun of technology. *laughing*

    I did the same sort of thing you did. Poked around and tried to figure out other things based upon the members of the group. Also, you are right about the “hybrid” aspect. I actually found that written about them verbatim! Thus, it makes things all the more difficult?

    However, it sounds like you definitely have a better grip on the language portion! At least you could have a listen and get a feel for some things that they were saying! Awesome! Someone got back to me and helped as I asked! Thank you so much!

    Take care,


  3. Mia

    Thank you, and I must say, your wording and excellent writing impresses me. It’s almost like art, the way you use so many words that doesn’t get to play a part in, what seems to be, most peoples vocabularies.

    Technology is far from bullet proof.

    I would think that makes it hard for most people, her mixing Kazakh, Bulgarian and her own little hybrid twists into the lyrics.

    Yeah, no, I don’t think so, I just listened to the accent, not very Russian like, I don’t think I’d be able to get anything meaningful out of the lyrics.


  4. Hi again Mia. You’re welcome. And, oh dear! *blushing* I don’t feel I am worthy of such compliments. However, thank you very much. I do write *rolls eyes* and have been published somewhat, but do look forward to the day when hopefully, in a much larger form or format?

    I do love words, though! I always have, ever since I was a wee sprite. That will never change.

    Technology. Such a bane of our existence. I laugh so often how we’ve become tied to it so strongly, and yet, think of when most of it never even existed! I do love my gadgets and toys still–until the fail me! *laughing*

    You’re funny. Don’t argue you’re way past me with the whole “Eastern European Language Thing!” I don’t speak anything but English, so no hope for me there, at all!


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