PA always takes her meds.  Always.  However, she is not in a place to really want to sleep right now and…well, her body is truly a disaster.  What does a MI (Myocardial Infarction) really feel like? Resting BP 96.  That’s a wee close to Tach. but not alarming.  Let me see what my pressure is.  I laughed so hard when I got my cuff.  My arms are so goddamn small, I thought I might get a better measurement from my femoral artery!

Lord Almighty!

And let me tell you, Dr. PA has to practise with her cuff! That valve is a tricky little devil! Now do you see why Dr. PA could never become a real doctor? She can’t even manage to take people’s fucking blood pressure!

My BP has always been within normal range except for when I had the Thermoregulation Disorder issues from my tonic-clonic seizure.  That doesn’t really happen to humans.  No, just “epileptic rats.”  That’s how they discovered it.  Through research.  So, basically, I’m an epileptic rat, and when that occurred, my BP shot up to 150/100.  That was kind of neat.  Again, I’m the typical 120/80 kinda gal.

So, what’s up tonight? The chest pain? Can you “die of a broken heart?” Well, if that’s possible, I’ve come pretty damn close.  I can’t even list all the shit that’s been going on, and if you think you know just by reading this post? Let me tell you, “You don’t even know the half of it!”

Or pick any fraction.  Don’t get me wrong.  I appreciate your care and guestimations.  I do.  In fact, one reason for my chest pain (heart break)…well, more than one reason, maybe you are hopefully reading this post right now! I feel like shit! But I’m not going to mention who you are! Wha???

Excuse me.  I’m anonymous and so are you! Especially if I’m having a MI, physical, emotional or both!

Well, the decision is still up in the air…to sleep or not to sleep…  Dammit! I am med. compliant.  And everyone else should be too.  But I wouldn’t judge you if you weren’t.  I would just say it would be in your best interest.  Definitely mental, and then physical, because…they’re connected.  Crap, look at me.  No.  Don’t.

Hmmm…  I can hear the birds chirping outside.  The sun’s not up yet but they are.  And so am I…still…

Maybe some meds, some food (yeah, forgot to eat again…) and some anime? Maybe? Then I’ll get to sleep when I should be waking up.


  1. You are not anonymous to meeee ;)

    Which reminds me that I still have to look at those CDs of pictures & make you a shiny logo!


  2. Hi Canageek. Literally? You are correct! I am not anonymous to you! Yes, the CD. Could be interesting?


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