Archive for June 26th, 2010

Writing these posts is a bitch, but living the words are even worse.  I was going to stay away from my blog, Twitter, just everything, but I read a comment that could have led to confusion, it led me to confusion (and it was by no fault of the commenter!)

So, just…


For the benefit or not, here’s the deal.  I’m back where I was several years ago.  I am in the stages of actively planning how to kill myself.  Last night, I spent a significant amount of time engrossed in researching all that I did before to take my life, while simultaneously dealing with any outstanding issues regarding “Legalities.”

Trust me.  This isn’t a great place to be, but at least I’m familiar with it.

I am a void.  I am a void, standing on the edge of a huge void.  The only thing that is keeping me from falling into that void, is a piece of string, 1/18 the size of a strand of dental floss.

Therefore, excuse me if I am either random or absent while I try and get my shit together.  As always, this blog is nothing but honest, and this is a really, fucking honest post.

I’ve always said I can’t make promises whether I’ll take my own life or not.  This is not meant to scare anyone, or send ripples of panic throughout the psych blogosphere.  Again, I am just being honest.  I actually have a thought in mind to let you all know if I go? But let’s not “go” there.  Just yet.