I don’t even know why I’m bothering to write a post.  Yawn.

I guess it’s because I’m just sitting here not knowing what the hell else to do.  Yawn.

I got up, checked my email.  Yawn.  Oh, oops.  Sorry.  I had a couple of DMs on Twitter.  The two of you might read this.  No offense intended.  Really.

I did the dishes.  Yawn.  I thought I should, though.  It kind of looked like they were ready to eat my kitchen.  Possible revenge for me defacing them with food in the first place, and then eating that food?

I’ve had my tea in copious amounts like every other day.  Uber-Yawn.

I had stuff delivered from the pharmacy so I spoke to a real person.  Yawn.

Maybe I’ll stim on the TV Guide Channel which I do all the time.  Yawn.

Actually, weird Yo-Yo Yawn.  Yawn is good.  But Yawn is not good enough.

I want to travel far beYAWNed YAWN! So much YAWN I can think no more!



  1. I was doing that all day! Getting up at 6 is making me all yawny! Oh and you need to check your mail this week.


  2. theaspiepenguin

    Hello Canageek. How very nice to see you again. I’m going to respond to your comment on PAs behalf. I will be looking after her blog for at least the next little while, I suppose.

    She was rather frustrated with herself after she wrote this post, yesterday. She felt it was just so dreadful and ridiculous. She was tempted to take it down but couldn’t. I mean to say, literally, she couldn’t. Well, almost literally, but I shall explain further.

    Then, she decided that she would delete the post later, if there were no comments, when she could log on. That seemed like a good idea in her mind. Well, I guess that is kind of impossible, now.

    Her day did not, in fact, turn out to be so much full of “yawn” as she initially anticipated. That is very much a shame.

    I shall certainly remind her to check her mail, as well. Actually, she never needs reminders to do that. She checks it every day.

    Take care,


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