I believe I am going to have to take PA offline for a bit.  If she does not typically escape from me, on some impulsive rampage, we will presumably decide together, when it will be a good time for her to come back.

Yesterday, after she logged off and thought how boring her day would be, she experienced one of the tricks your mind can play on you.  In fact, I think we both knew it was already happening.  You are not “bored” at all.  You are restless, you cannot focus, and you are tied up in knots of anxiety that are merely written off as “tedium.”

Well, now.  Things got a little bit out of control.  I had to sedate her and put her in bed for the rest of the afternoon.  She certainly was not functioning very well, at all.  She was not capable of doing any work, communicating in any form, so her computer was kept out of reach.  However, the sedation was definitely required, mentally.  Physically, it did not matter, as she was becoming less and less functional.  As she was simply reading a magazine about technological gadgets, she began to feel her heart race, and hands begin to shake.

I tried to talk to her about all sorts of things in her life.  I tried to speak not only of things happening currently, but of things that have happened in the past.  I even tried to place all of life in perspective, or not in perspective, for many times you cannot perform such a task.  I do not know if any of what I said got through to her.  I can only hope that at least some of it did.

Regardless, I will be taking over the helm, here.  If yesterday is any indication of wee PAs level of performance, I am very worried.  It was sub-par before.  She was barely hanging on, and now she cannot seem to do anything.  I will not push her, but I will give gentle nudges.


  1. Thanks Aspie Penguin. This time I didn’t have a chance to “forget” about you, did I? Also, what do you think? Should we bring in Spock for this “Mission” (Impossible) as well? I know I always have a tendency to forget about him!

    I’ve decided what I’m about to embark upon (at least right now.) Yes. Long, overdue email. Good to send, but…lord. Going to be emotionally, pretty tripped out, but a nice diversion from my other, current emotions that are already tripping me out. *rolls eyes*

    No, there is good in it. Love is hard to find, so when you do, hang on to it. I love this person very much, and she loves me very much, too.

    Thanks again, for taking over the helm.


  2. You take good care of PA Aspie Penguin! She’s been scaring us! I’ll be hacking my way through the wildness of the internet than *BAM* WILD PA BLOG POST ATTACK!


  3. theaspiepenguin

    Hello Canageek. You are always such a good lad. You always drop by to comment when I post. You are rather fond of PA, and faithful to her, aren’t you?

    I will try my best to take care of her, but she is proving to be very challenging, today. She is acting quite unruly.

    She has recently finished a very, long email that she had been meaning to write for some time, now. I was concerned that it might be too much for her. The content dealt heavily with her family, but she seems fine about it. If anything, she is tired. I suppose the issues of her family really are nothing foreign to her.

    However, the email was written in such a blunt manner, it could, perhaps, be perceived as frightful to some readers! Nonetheless, the recipient should be fine on the other end.

    Oh, I must go now. PA has wandered off. Good lord, she is trying my patience! If she has not already gotten herself into trouble, she soon will be!


  4. theaspiepenguin

    Well, hello patientanonymous. I didn’t realize you ACTUALLY MANAGED to slip in and make a comment to me, while you were SO BUSY, running around being an ABSOLUTE BRAT!!!

    Now, go SIT DOWN (or lay down if you so choose) and SHUT UP!!!

    Oh. Excuse, me. I’m sorry you had to witness that. I told you she was being quite unruly today.

    We are both leaving, now. Be well, everyone.


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