The Fireworks Page is Finally Up!

It’s taken me hours to do this, but it is finally done! Thank you all for your patience, as I had told you about taking the shots in May.

I think this was a good thing for me to do (and actually accomplish!) today.  It took my mind elsewhere.  Away from so many awful and disturbing thoughts of late.  Also, staring at pretty, sparkly and shiny objects probably didn’t hurt either!

…stim…stim…stim… *laughing*

There are 16 out of the original 270 pictures I took on the Page.  Yes, I placed them on a Page so they would remain permanent fixtures on my blog.

So, I hope you enjoy them.  Whoo! I think my eyes may be ready to explode like fireworks right about now! *laughs again*


  1. yay! PA is lauging! *happy geek*


  2. Hi canageek. I know. Imagine that? Makes for a nice change, huh? Maybe I’m coming around a bit…


  3. Psst, so where can we see the fireworks page?


  4. Hi Canageek. It’s where all of my other Pages are. Left sidebar. Right at the top of my blog. The first is my About. The fireworks one is the very last.


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