Good Morning Everyone!

So, after that “ridiculous” “thought provoking” “confusing” “stupid” “_____” post, written extremely late last night, you get a very boring one now.

I’m just killing time a bit, having tea, sitting with wet hair as I just got out of the shower.  I have to go see Sweetie GP and get all nekkid, as I need to have an “Annual Physical.”  I don’t think I’ve had one in three years! Not through any fault of my own (well, intended fault!) I don’t think either of us had the opportunity.  She’s had two kids within that time frame and…well, I’ve been continually going mental.  It’s a full time job.

So, I’m getting dressed today and normally, I wouldn’t give a toss what I wore.  She loves me warts and all! *laughing*  I have to see J. later and then we’re going to an appt. with a bank.  Ugh.  Not.In.The.Mood.For.Him.  Anyway, I feel I should look somewhat…”professional?” However, this bloody “heatwave” we’re dealing with is unreal.  And you know it’s nuts if wee PA, the human ice cube, says it’s hot outside.  Indeed.  She’s actually wearing T-shirts and shorts!

I’m continuing to look for a decent T-shirt.  My shorts are all crazy as they need to be ironed, except this one pair that are a very sturdy cotton.  Walking shorts, basically.  Not to mention, everything is so damn huge!!! Everything’s too big for me!! But walking/bermuda shorts you can get away with as looking big?

Now, a damn shirt! Where are all of my decent shirts? I’m wearing a golf shirt (it was a gift.)  Hey, at least it’s Ralph Lauren! I couldn’t look more preppy if you literally threw me into a John Hughes movie.  I thought I’d be a rebel and not tuck it in.  Nope.  Even though it’s a size S it still looks like a dress on me.

I’d better get going.  At least I finished all the documentation necessary to mail for today (more scholarship/bursary jazz.)  Le sigh.


  1. licoriceroot

    Loose walking shorts are fine, I’m sure! I would love to have a small look like a dress, but my body has gone for 95lbs to 130lbs. WRONG direction. Perhaps we need to trade.


  2. Awwww, good for going out! I bet you look fine!
    Too bad I read this a day late or I could have suggested you do some writing while in the waiting room!


  3. Hi licoriceroot. Yes, I like loose shorts. Nice and comfy. Well, excluding my cycling gear! Also, I do need to gain weight. Badly. I will take any extra pounds anyone is willing to give me!

    Hi canageek. Well, I didn’t really have much of a choice in going out! I had to!

    Also, I had transit problems so I didn’t have to spend much time waiting at all! I was just a tiny bit late but being late freaks me out! My hands were getting a bit flappy/stimmy as soon as I entered the building. Yesterday was a total disaster–from the minute I woke up! But that’s for last night’s post and comment section?

    However, to the both of you, the longer I sort of looked at myself, I thought I didn’t look so bad after all! *shakes head and laughs* Actually, I’m pretty versatile. Although, I don’t give a shit about “the latest trends.”

    I liked my shirt, today. Very tailored. Black with silverish-gray pinstripes that varied in two widths. Then some gray slacks.

    So yesterday, it was “Preppy PA,” and today, it was “Girly PA.” I was a goth as a teenager, so I could still pull that off (or some variant thereof…) even at 40! No, I really could!

    I went on a “blind date” with this woman once and wore these slightly, high heeled boots, black spandex from head to toe, my black beret and a black, leather motorcycle jacket. I think it freaked her out a little… That was just a few years ago, too! *smirks*


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