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I woke up this morning and checked my personal email.  There was a note saying I got canned, sacked, booted out the door, from my “new,” part time job as a Medical Transcriptionist. *laughing so hard*

I’m not upset, really.  Still, it is kind of a bummer, I have to say.  Yet, I can find the humour in it, even though I’m desperate for money! A humour in a sort of warped and twisted sense (is my humour anything less?)

Although, I suppose I did have the job.  In a way.  I spent a couple of hours there on Friday, just chatting and doing a bit of training.  Yesterday was my first, “real” day.  The arrangement was for me to only work a few days a week, and only a few hours on those days.  I put in an entire day yesterday.

I thought this was because I was new.  Then, I thought it was because I sucked so bad.  After a while, I realized I was probably being a little hard on myself.  I mean it was my first day, right? It’s not like I knew the software inside and out! Also, I’d never actually done this work before–at least not in a real medical setting.  Sure, we did a bit of it in class.  And thus, I thought the full day’s time was for me to train.

Apparently not.

I was told that they wanted someone with more experience. Excuse me! Well, why the hell didn’t you say so in the first place?! I was up front about my (cap)abilities and e.x.p.e.r.i.e.n.c.e… *rolls eyes*  They also mentioned workload, turnaround time and such.  Excuse me, again! Well why the hell didn’t you say so in the…?! Good Lord!

I am at least getting paid for the one day that I was there. *laughing again* I swear…

It’s probably just as well.  I would have had to leave them relatively soon, as I still need to get my stupid Clinic Rotation going! Even faster, now! Not to mention, I was just about to DIE when I got home.

The job wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be.  I found the people very hard to understand as they spoke very quickly, and some had quite heavy accents.  Due to that fact, I thought my feet were about to fall off by the time I walked out of the office! “Death by Dictation!”

The pedals! Back and forth, left and right, stop and start…  I’m not even sure I can get away with “blaming” my Auditory Processing Disorder due to the Asperger’s, but you never know.

I will admit it.  I was slow, but come on! Let go on my first day??? Yeah, that’s good for my already, miniscule ego. *laughs once more and shakes head*