PA has asked me to pass along a couple of messages to all of you.

First, she wishes to thank all of you for your patience with both her, and this blog.  She knows that both have not been very pleasant of late.

Further is her second point, which relates to the above.  If you think a person’s frustration levels are limitless, you are more mentally ill than she is.

This second point is not such a good thing for wee PA, right now.  She needs to reach a point of frustration, the end of the line, as you might wish to call it, but she cannot do so.

I fear she is not seeing any “lines,” or really much of anything at all, at the moment.  She is still in some post-ictal netherworld.  She is telling me that her head feels like it is floating around all over the room, and her stomach is very upset.  I need to get her ready to go shopping with Grocery Man soon, too! She has no food in her flat!

She is trying to work on, perhaps, an amusing post today, as well.  That is, if her brain can clear up.  She thinks it would be good to try and lighten things up around here.

  1. Psychology Student #-55

    *hugs* Our PA is always pleasant, even when she’s having a horrible time :)


  2. Hi Psychology Student #-55. Thanks, hon. *hugs*


  3. theaspiepenguin

    Oh dear. patientanonymous was okay for a couple of hours or so, but I have to take her offline. I should not have let her sign on in the first place!

    I am not sure what is happening to her. I guess I will just give her some medication and put her to bed. Hopefully she only needs some rest.


  4. Hey Aspie Penguin. Thanks for doping me up and tossing me into bed, but I think your comment might have freaked people out a bit. Granted, I’m not exactly sure what the hell is happening to me either, but let’s think about some things here.

    Possibly a bit post-“ick”tal© still. I was all loopy when I got up. My thinking is pretty slow and I’m still nauseous.

    Also, I’m all whacked out, and have been tossed straight into Aspie Land. I did an “Non-Verbal Test,” and sure enough, I can’t get any words out. Plus, I’m having serious proprioception issues. I can’t figure out where on earth to put my arms, they’re flopping all over, typing this is totally redonculous. My walking isn’t so bad?

    So, there’s some help for you, dude. My neurons are still continuing to be tossed into a frying pan set on maximum heat.


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