Thanks a Tune and Just for Fun

I’d like to say thanks to anyone/everyone who’s still been checking in, or reading since I haven’t been writing.  My stats haven’t completely plummeted, so I know some people are out there taking a ‘boo at PA.

MP3 of the Moment has definitely gone stale, so I thought I’d toss up a song.  Appropriate on two fronts.  I have so much trouble finding words in real life, and I’ve obviously been having a lot of trouble finding words around here.  Also, lots of problems moving forward, and my mind going in so many directions, and who knows where in both arenas, as well.

“Compulsion” by Martin Gore

The “fun?” I put up a pic on my outer, right sidebar by my email address.  I find it amusing.  Perhaps you will, too.

So, since I’ve written this, I suppose I am not throwing my blog out the window? However, don’t expect a plethora of posts, or for me to be exactly prolific in the immediate future.

Thank you again, to whomever you may be.

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