Let’s Write a Happier Post!

Well, it looks like I’m officially back blogging.  At least I think I am? Or maybe? I don’t know. *shakes head*

One thing I do know, is that when I wasn’t writing, I certainly needed to take care of this if/when I came back.  Another thing I know exactly at this moment (regardless of my blogging state) is I definitely want to write something to hopefully offset that doozy from last night! That wasn’t a very “happy” post.

So, thank you very much to Svasti for this wee, blogging award.

Thank you Svasti!

Thank you Svasti!

I have added it to my sidebar along with others that I have received.  At least with this one, I remember who gave it to me! The others? Oh, my.  Just to prove I have remembered, I have added a “Thank you” hover!

This award came with “attachments.”  Sorry, bad joke.  I am supposed to pass it along to five people.  I am awful at doing this and memes, as well.  I think I still have two outstanding memes from a year ago.  One may be floating around on a scrap of paper where I think I answered the questions, at least.  So, please pardon me whoever sent that one.  Maybe partial points for trying?

I’m going to go back to all of my other awards received, and create hovers for those, now.  Even though I’m not quite sure who gave them to me.  So, pardon me if I get you wrong! Some may remain as blank as the expression on my face as I’m writing this, if they really stump me.  Please feel free to let me know if I get anything mixed up and I’ll fix them.


  1. Hi patientanonymous. How are you doing? What do you have to say?

    Well, I’m kind of impressed that I could put hovers over everything so quickly. I got everything nailed except for one I have no clue, and one that I think is right. Yes. Pretty sure that it is.

    Go figure.


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