OMG.  I never keep up with WordPress, and their Widgets, and what they do, and everything they change…  My blog seems cluttered enough.  I just saw the word “Like” up there where I can access my Dashboard.  A (1) was sitting beside it.  Huh? I clicked on it and it told me I liked a post or something.

I’m an idiot.  I’ve seen the whole “Ratings” business on other people’s blogs, but for some reason, I didn’t think my template had it or…? Mine does, though.  Gee, everyone’s does! *laughing*

So, since I’ve been complaining endlessly that I think my blog sucks these days, I thought it only fitting that I activate this whole “Ratings Concept!”

This should be interesting.

  1. There was a huge blow up in the Forum and on other blogs about the new “Like / Reblog” feature a couple of weeks ago. The guy who owns WordPress, Matt Something, was even threatening bloggers (me) who didn’t like the features — basically saying “if you don’t like it, fuck off, there’s the door”. Basically.

    Every WP blog has the Like / Reblog option on it. The biggest problem people had was the Reblog feature. Basically you find a post on Blog PA that you Like, then you push Reblog, and a post automatically appears on My Blog with 150 words of Your post, and a link back to it.

    The Reblogged post, now on my blog, also takes any photo or video close to the top of the post.

    I, and many others, still think there are copyright issues with Reblogging. But it’s either WordPress or Blogger, and Blogger sucks like a $3 toothy whore on Church Street.


  2. Hi Gabriel…. Good to see you. Yes, I saw the “Like / Reblog” option too, and the first things that came to mind were:

    a) Twitter (just because it’s a very fast click-of-the-mouse feature to re-Tweet.)

    and b) Sploggers.

    Twitter? Who cares. By and large, who composes something so copyright worthy in only 140 characters. There is Twitlonger where you can essentially write a short “post.” Whatever. Then, using Twitter as a vehicle for your posts. That’s no different than sending them out to the entire Internet, anyway! You still have the issue of them getting picked up, Splogged, and sent who knows where.

    The “Like / Reblog” almost does sound like a quick and dirty based upon Twitter. An online way of keeping up with the Jones’s. Click! However, the way it displays, as you say, does sound “Sploggy.” Whatever happened to the nice, simple PingBack, but you can’t get that with Blogger.

    You made me laugh with your Blogger sucks statement, as well. I agree. Switching to WP so long ago was the best thing I ever did! At least their automagic, import creation rocks, eh?

    I still have “Blogger Sucks” as a Category. Perhaps I should add that to this post, now that you have said it? HA! I have “WordPress Sucks,” too. Okay, I’ll add them both in your honour. *laughing*

    I tend to be on your side with all of this. In viewing, it certainly does sound like it looks as the other blogger’s content. Even worse if there are images! A lot of the time, we do publish our own!

    So, how is it then shown to look as the original blogger’s post? Do you have to click on the ever-popular “read more…” link go through it all? So few people do that! If the content doesn’t appeal to them, they’ll just skip right on by. I would imagine that any accreditation wouldn’t appear at the top! The best I’ve seen when Splogged, is that I do get my name in a bottom, continuation link.

    Finally. A note to everyone with me now implementing my new “Ratings Concept!” I will NOT be rating any of my own posts, or any comments that appear on them. That’s just egotistical, rude and stupid! I may be the latter one, but I am definitely not the former two! *smirks*


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