Oh, dear.  Pretty slim pickins.  Although, it would appear that a lot of people think Dr.’s Ray Sahelian and Daniel Amen are quite the quacks!

Once again, I’ll do my best, but people may find links to prior entries below a lot more entertaining.  A lot.

my kid ate moldy bread — Well, the good news is, if they had a bacterial infection, it’ll be all cleared up! Just kidding.  Penicillin wasn’t discovered that way.  Still, your wee tot should be fine.  Unless they turn the colour of what was on the bread.

i feel like shit, what do i do? — Close your browser immediately!!!

list of derogatory terms for mentally ill — Get off my blog you retarded, deranged, spastic lunatic! Are you such an incompetent, defective moron, you can’t think for yourself? So then, you had to come to me? What a cretin and pathetic excuse for a human being you must be.  Or, just an attention seeker, perhaps? Maybe I’ve gotten it wrong.  You’re a totally, violent menace to society, who is completely immoral, lacking all self-awareness, and devoid of all emotion and empathy.

bad bunny — Oh, that would be me! I’m such a bad bunny!

palmus longus — Well, Dr. PA says it could be edema, or just a simple case of inflammation of the hands.  However, she believes she knows precisely what you are looking for.  It’s called: “acromegaly.”  It is a problem with the endocrine system when a hypersecretion of growth hormone occurs as an adult.  It does affect the hands.  However, you may be looking for large, palm trees.  If that is the case, this is not a “Travel Blog.”  Although, Dr. PA has been to Mexico and the Caribbean a couple of times.

underwear swapping — Now, I can’t remember if I’ve ever blogged about this before.  Nonetheless, anything is possible with me being such a bad bunny!

brain explosion disorder — I can guarantee this won’t be in the upcoming DSM-V, but if it’s any comfort, I’ve had this all my life.  Of no comfort? Incurable, and mortality rates are extremely high!

dysgraphia jokes — Actually, I don’t know any.  Well, just one.  Me.

corporate tree bird shit — All that shit you’re seeing in the trees? Let me tell you, it’s not just from birds.  Trust me.  I’ve worked for many years in corporate business.  I’ve been one of those trees.  Truth be told, more like a sapling, really.

can a psychiatrist get crazy — *laughing so hard*  I’m sorry.  I don’t mean to laugh.  Maybe it’s because Dr. PA is so crazy! But the answer is, yes.  In a multitude of ways.  I think clearly, the most popular way would be listening to their patients drone on…and on…and on…  If they have to leave the room to “take an urgent phone call,” they’re actually taking their medication because they can’t stand you anymore!

<span nam=287 id=287 style=color: — I don’t like HTML.  I don’t understand HTML.  I don’t even know if that is proper HTML.  GO AWAY.

why am i so tired when i drink liquor — Because you’re probably getting drunk.  Or, if it’s the next morning, you’re hungover.  Have you never touched alcohol before? How old are you?

crutches and bondage — Don’t fret.  It’s completely normal, and part of the scenery for a BDSM, hospital room setting.  You don’t have to use them if you don’t want to.  We all have our different types of kink! It’s all good!

toss the turtle — Is this anything like spanking the monkey? I wonder.  Maybe, but only if you’re uncircumcised?

nhs.heads fucked up.com — Now, I’m pretty sure this isn’t a real website.  Just another person pissed off with system? Either that, or they may think I’m in the UK and I’m pissed off with the system? If so, maybe they want to see if I’ve secured the domain or something.

doing detox and feeling crap — You’re right on the button with that one! In fact, I’d be very surprised if you didn’t feel like crap! I think the only way to do that, would be to smuggle whatever you were on into the detox unit or centre.  Don’t ask me how to get the contraband in, though.  I’ve never been in detox, plus I’m a bad bunny good girl.

best position for vomiting — Let’s see.  It may depend upon what condition you are in, and how mobile you are.  If you are relatively mobile, I’d say it’s up to you.  Whatever is most comfortable? I will say do not position yourself on your back laying down.  It could be the last time you vomit (or do anything else) ever again.

decision making when tired or exhausted — You’ve come to the wrong place to even ask about decision making! I can’t decide how to make a decision, either! All I know is I screw up a lot.  I’d rather let a total stranger make my decisions for me.  Yes.  I think that’s a good idea.  Forthwith, I am no longer making any decisions for myself! I give up all my rights of decision making! Any choices I must make, will now be posed to a random stranger! The very first one I see! I am sure they will do a much better job! Absolutely! Oh, I’m sorry.  You asked a question.  Based upon my past? Don’t make decisions when tired or exhausted.

cane “airport security” -sword — Uhhh…I’m not sure what you’re looking for, but if you have a cane that looks like a sword, you’ll probably get questioned.  If you’re walking with a cane and you have a sword, they won’t take pity on you for a bad leg.  You’ll be screwed faster than you can say: “nin-JAH!”

contagious pain — Hey! That sounds like a good name for my blog.  Perhaps, I should change it. *ponders*

it’s my birthday what is my horosc – Happy Belated! That’s the best I can do, as I can’t tell you your “Birthday Horoscope.”  This isn’t an “Astrology Blog,” even though people reading it may start hallucinating, becoming delusional, thus seeing constellations, feeling as if floating through our Solar System, and finally reaching an astral plane from which they will never escape.  Go back to Google.

dysgraphia med school rounds — Aha! Now, I’ve got a dysgraphia joke other than just me! Don’t worry about having dysgraphia and going into med school.  No one can read a doctor’s handwriting anyway! *groan*

jonty aspergers — Definitely! Our clan can be quite “jaunty,” indeed! *does jaunty Asperger’s jig*

the borderline pushing the limit with pa — *sits quietly*  I’m not exactly sure.  I can guarantee it won’t be pretty, though.  You can bet on that.  A bit scary, even? *starts trembling*  Wait.  Who made this search? Who? Who, dammit! Who are you? What are you doing? Are you going to do something to me? What! Are you trying to push me over the edge? HELP!!!

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