Well, my head.  Or maybe I kick my own head? Or maybe we both just grab a ball my head the closest sample of meds he has in his office, and play “Spin the Bottle?” Just kidding.  He’s awesome.

As I expected, he agreed with me to titrate to 300mg fully, not just the original 250mg of the Lamictal/Lamotrigine.  I know that when I’ve been in seriously, dire mental straits, I need a huge neurochemical kick in the ass (or head, yes?) We had to do this before with a full, one third titration of my Topomax/Topiramate.  This is exactly what we are doing now.  Before, I was only on 200mg of the Lamictal–now 300mg.

As soon as I got home, I immediately took the new dose.  That actually was a while ago and perfectly safe.  It would have been equivalent in terms of time, had I slept in all morning.  I’m not quite sure what is going to happen since I’ve only been on 250mg for about a week and a half.  The Lamictal was being quite the pissy, little brat with the first titration.  It took me about five days to fully get over the side effects.  The Topomax wasn’t that bad.

I need to see Merlin #2 on Wednesday.  Now, you are probably wondering, ‘PA! Why on earth did you start so soon! Why not just wait until Thursday!’

Well, dingbat landlord and a contractor are coming by on Friday to do some work in my flat.  Dingbat landlord says it won’t take long, but if dingbat landlord wasn’t so stupid, you could definitely call him a complete, and outright liar! Regardless, I do not want either of them seeing me in my stuporous state, hobbling around on Wonder Cane, mumbling in monosyllabic utterances that are barely comprehensible!

I have called my friend P. (who has not called back yet…) to see if he can drive me to Merlin #2.  If he cannot, well…that may prove…interesting? Merlin #2’s office is quite far away from where I live.  Too late now! The titration has begun! *laughing* I think I am already experiencing some side effects.  I’m not quite sure.  Maybe if I can’t tell, it means I am! *laughs more*

Back to Non-Arsey Neuro, though.  He was right with me in terms of everything I said regarding my wacky bean.  Even my “theory” of treating the “cascade” of psych/neuro, crossover, trickle down effects.

If you haven’t been following along lately, migraines and Asperger meltdowns have been making me feel post-“ick”tal© even though no seizure event has occurred.  Also, he didn’t know about all of the suicidal business that has been far too intense and far too prolonged.  Thus, another reason for the “cascade.”  Up my meds to stabilize the psych/emotional issues.  That will hopefully lessen the Asperger’s triggers.  Then, if really lucky, hopefully lessen the post-“ick”tal© weirdness due to some kind of strange neuronal activity.

I posed something else to him on the neuro front, as well.  It’s altogether different and doesn’t exactly dovetail with what I theorized above.  No.  Yet, there are some commonalities.  For me, in its manifestation and diagnosis, it almost looks like the above is somehow backward–but not quite? However, the end result is the same for treatment.  Absolutely, increase my Anticonvulsants! He agreed with me there, too!

What I posed will have to wait.  It’s quite med geeky and needs to be written about separately.  It justifies a post of its own.  I may not be able to get to it right away as, again, I’m going to be a bit messy, but you never know.  I might be able to pull it off.  It really rocked my med geeky socks, though! Wow.


  1. Not too long ago, I read an article in an old (2007?) issue of Scientific American. The cover story was on migraines. They’re coming to the conclusion that they’re not caused by constriction of blood vessels, but rather spreading areas of neuronal excitation.


    Sadly, the full text isn’t available. Maybe you can find it at the library.


  2. Hi katm. Thanks. I can actually get the full article. Initially at the bottom, it gave the option to purchase, but when I clicked on it again to read at least the first portion–voila!

    I know why they do that. And other publications, as well. However, I’m a big fan of Sci.Am. I’ve looked at articles of theirs that always seem available in full form–I just can’t remember how long they’ve been published.

    Anyway, the link seems sound (for now) if anyone wants to read it. Go back and give it another try katm. The only thing that may happen, is if people come back to read this in the future. It may turn out to be a dead link if they take it off their site.

    I would tend to agree with what a lot of Sci.Am. is saying. The whole vascularity thing is definitely wrong from a beginning point (going all the way back to Galen and his humours.)

    EDIT: Yes, I am Canadian so I spell it that way. I am not trying to say that Galen (one of the greatest, historical figures of medicine) was trying to make jokes and be funny.

    The issue of blood flow is odd. It tends to be vasodilation, as some people can actually stop, or at least reduce migraines, by quickly getting caffeine into them as quickly as possible. Caffeine acts as a vasoconstrictor. I actually tried this at work once when I didn’t have my migraine meds. It did help slightly.

    There is certainly lots more to discuss within that article and I won’t do it here. Guilty as charged, I’ll end up writing a post within my comment section.

    But as a parting example, there is a (not confirmed but strongly believed) relationship between migraines and epilepsy. Now, if that doesn’t offer a possible correlation of neuronal activity, what does?

    Also, let’s toss in the fact that Anticonvulsants used to treat epilepsy are also used for migraine prophylaxis. How well that works? That’s typical of any meds for our heads, right?


  3. Glad you could read it. I found it very interesting.


  4. Hi katm. Thanks. Yes, this stuff is always awesome in my books. Well, you know me.


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