If there was ever a good idiom that would confuse an Aspie literal thinker (or anyone else on the Spectrum) it would be: “Trust your gut.”  Trust it for…holding your food in it when you eat? No, no.  Your stomach is supposed to “think” for you.  Despite the fact we all know our brains do this for us.

Right.  Intuition.  Well, I’m not sure if I have so much of that at the moment.  You could say so, but at least I have arrived at a decision to deal with my life’s terror.  It’s an ultimatum.  An either/or, if you will.  I don’t see any middle way.

I can sit around and do nothing and go insane, or I shoot myself out of a cannon and go insane.  The latter is the only way I can “prove” whatever “capabilities” I have, in whether I am too “disabled” because all my mentalness to work or not.  Pardon all the quotation marks there.  Reason being, I have no idea about any of this, thus the emphasis.  I don’t even refer to myself as disabled.  I never have.

Nonetheless, the only way I can know, is to really get out there and do something.  Anything! Just sitting here will really leave me no options.  So, despite how petrified I may be, it has to be done.  The proof is in the pudding that you eat–where it ends up in your gut–that you then trust!

What is it with all of these idioms, eh? Speaking of, at least while at home all this time, I’ve managed to work on my writing.  That’s been a very good thing.  However, I am 99.995% certain it will not pay my rent!


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