Wow.  I am not joking about the word pimp! This is “fucking” awesome!

My day has been uber-stressful and uber-crap.  However, after just getting this sorted via email, and now being able to post about it, I do have some kind of grin on my godawful mug.  I’ve been trying to pick it up off the floor for hours.

I’m sure many of you other bloggers are SO familiar with these types of emails.  They keep coming around.  They never stop.  We want your blog! We’ve placed your blog on our site! We want reciprocity!

Some of these emails read so terribly, they immediately make all of our mugs beyond godawful and collectively fall to the floor! Then, once we have all finally rescued our horrified faces, we might actually be able to figure out who on earth these people are, what the hell they want, are selling…

Selling.  I think this was one of the weirdest (and funniest.)  Someone was going around and trying to get us to promote “Pinhole Glasses” on our blogs.  Now, what on earth are “Pinhole Glasses???”  It’s okay.  Don’t answer.  I know.

Well, just because I thought it was so hilarious, I kept the email.  Having read so many of these damn things after so long, I toss a lot of them in the trash.  Oh, and about those ol’ Pinholers, there? It was a “Product Review.”  Ah, I see… (sorry couldn’t resist.)  That’s different! That doesn’t mean it’s a “Promotion” at all then, does it?

I suppose I’m actually giving them what they want.  I’m talking too much about wearing something so close to your eyes, there is an extreme risk of going blind due to someone mistaking your head as part of their sewing kit.  However, I’m not linking to the website of the specific company! HA!

So, do you now want to know how much “Hooker PA” is worth? Let me tell you, for the amount of money, I’m standin’ on a street corner! No fancy outcalls making $5,000 a night!

I got an email–get ready folks–and writers!!! Someone wanted to “Purchase” a “Permanent Link” in one of my posts.  Huh? So, what’s that mean? Like, BUY a link I’ve made or something? Because there WAS a link in the post they sent me they liked.  But it was a link to ANOTHER post I wrote.  Huh?

And where does all of this “Reciprocity” come in? ‘Cause I guess I looked pretty hot standin’ on that street corner! They DID email me after all, AND with a link to one of my posts! You see? You see? I WAS looking good! They put my post in their email! WHOO! “Hot Hooker PA!”

For $100 they ASKED ME TO CHANGE MY WRITING IN MY POST to then have it linked to an external site.  Yes folks, you heard that right.  Even if it’s something that should be unheard of.

On top of a lot of other ways I run my blog? I’m a writer.  HELL NO, am I changing my writing for anyone!!! Okay, maybe an editor if it’s for publishing.  But in this case? I’m crazy but…

Maybe that’s my problem.  I have so may diagnoses, I get nailed way too often!


  1. Gabriel

    I think I got the same one a couple of weeks ago… and I ignored it, but they just sent another and doubled the money from $50 to $100 per post. I think I’ll keep waiting until it gets to $1000.


  2. Hi Gabriel. I was wondering who might pop by and say they ended up getting the same one. Or similar to it.

    So, “Hot Hooker Gabriel” is willing to settle for the “going rate” of a $1,000 bucks, eh? Well, “Hot Hooker PA” is still holding out until the high class level of at least $5,000 per customer is proposed.

    She’s worth it. Trust her. *turns head and winks*


  3. Hi patientanonymous I see you are here to comment on your own blog. What do you have to say?

    I felt I’d better let everyone know that the person who contacted me is UTTERLY RIDICULOUS!!!

    They contacted me last week (as you can tell by this post and what was written in it.) Well, what did I see in my Inbox today? The EXACT same email sent to me before. Of course I told her to piss off.

    They’re obviously using engines, don’t give a shit, and the only link this person offers in her closing is this ugly, single page. It states she’s into online learning and “Marketing.”

    Gee, marketing! Should that be of any surprise?

    And just to add more misery, I got another of these in my Inbox today! It’s very popular and you see it all the time. The “guest article and reciprocity” one.

    Bugger off, people.


  4. Gabriel...

    I’m on the fourth email as well. They’ve peaked at $100 per post. I just got one announcing I had won an award for mental health blogging, all I had to do was put a badge in my sidebar. The other winners were basically half my blogroll, and some blogs that hadn’t been touched in years. Weird stuff happening out in the spam world.


  5. Hi Gabriel. I just got my third from the above yesterday. Price still the same. Link still the same. Identical.

    I didn’t even bother to reply. I was so tempted to just blast the woman, but since she didn’t listen before, I did a “Report Spam” via gmail.

    I see the “Award Spam” is starting to roll around now, too! I sort of suspected, as you received the same one I did, and someone I spoke to said that they got a weird one out of left field, as well. I put up a teeny-weeny widget just for fun.

    I agree that a lot of the well knowns and larger sites were there–and a lot of folks that are on my blogroll, ditto. Nonetheless, it always makes me think, ‘how the hell is it I end up amongst Shrink Rap and others like them?’ *laughing* One thing I did notice is that I am getting referrals from that site! It’s the one I mention below.

    It was the Medical Billing/Coding, right? My teeny-weeny widget. At least somewhat related to health-care, and not so unreasonable. Or maybe from my perspective, at least. However, in terms of perspectives, this is definitely a reason!

    Later that day (yesterday) I received one from a Health Insurance site. I drew the line at that one. Not only because of the site’s content, but the so-called “Winners” weren’t even placed on the link’s page! Now, that’s pretty ridiculous if you give a blog an “Award!”


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