How long can you say you’ve known someone? A relationship begins, it ends.  But does it? To some people’s minds it may.

Why? Time.  Those that don’t hear the ticking of the clock are fools when it comes to time.

It haunts, plays tricks.  One minute, it evaporates and erases all memories.  Then, the next? It hits you like a lightening bolt.  When it does, it’s so fast, you can’t tell if it’s struck your mind, your heart or both.

How “long” was it? Should I appeal to a calendar? No.  There’s more.  Quality vs. Quantity? And how to measure the former?

I still know you and yet I don’t.  But as my own life continues to move forward, I see glimpses of you.  They draw me into the past and allow me to understand you more.  If we could still speak! If we could still speak of all the things you told me! I understand them so much better now.  I would give anything to turn back that clock and tell you that.  It breaks my heart.

I don’t even care that you treated me so terribly.  I would only like to have a chance to tell you that I understand.  At least a little bit more?

It doesn’t matter so much, I guess.  I will remain here, with the thoughts that I do recollect.  I do recall your words.  Even though they never will be heard by my ears again, I have memorized some of them.

I am now closer to you than ever before.

  1. Hm.

    Interesting to see how certain experiences are shared by others as well.

    I know exactly what this entry is about.

    I have lived the same experience, have thought the same thoughts, have felt the same feelings.

    It makes one feel less alone, does it not..?


  2. It really is amazing how many people share similar experiences because I know …. how those feelings. are

    Take care


  3. Hi Maria and Lisa. Pardon me, as it’s always my fashion to address readers individually. However, both of your comments say roughly the same thing, and I wanted to mention almost the same things back to both of you.

    Although, first, I’ll start off by saying that I had been thinking of writing this post for a little while now. Also, I wasn’t even sure if anyone would respond, as it is very personal. Further, due to it being personal (and perhaps how I wrote it) I felt it rather obscure.

    Which brings me to both of your comments. I was very intrigued, and even fascinated, that this post seemed to resonate with each of you so much. I’m still not sure what to say.

    I wrote this based upon some extremely specific points in mind. These points of reference now being known to me, would have made such a difference regarding this other person–the points being so specific.

    The outcome may have been the same. Probably? They still would have told me how evil I was, and to never speak to them again (which really made no sense and is completely hilarious in hindsight.) Regardless, I know I would have understood more about them, and maybe even seen the “Insanity Train” coming down the tunnel to run me over.

    Still, me getting run over is a bit of a moot point. No matter how much I cared for this person during the period I knew them, I do believe things could have been better. This was just a way of me trying to express it.

    I still don’t know what to say to you two, though. I guess I’m glad that my words did resonate with you, at the very least.



  4. Hi Arkay. You just slipped in there as I was writing up the other comment. Thanks for the hugs.

    And I forgot as well, Lisa. Thanks for the hugs and kisses, too.


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