A New MP3!!!

Yes, this MP3 requires (at least) three exclamation marks.  Well, I certainly think so.  I just heard it the other day, from its album released earlier this year: “This Is Happening”

I’m seriously impressed!!! Again, had to give (at least) three exclamation marks.

“Dance Yrself Clean” by LCD Soundsystem


  1. Hey.

    Liked the tune. I liked its beat tho i have to admit that I perhaps may have missed much of the covert meaning of the lyrics. Open to many interpretations.

    But I liked it.

    Oh, yes.


  2. Hi Maria. I went more for the music on this one as well, not so much for the lyrics. However, I love dissecting lyrics. It’s a lot of fun when they’re pretty obscure and definitely open to interpretation.

    Here’s a site I like to check out periodically if the song appears there. This one’s there now. Sometimes, it kills me what people say, other times, the can offer some good opinions.



  3. Hey!

    Hahahahaha!!! I checked the lyrics on that site yesterday, before posting this. I couldn’t make out what they meant. Then, read other people’s interpretations…nope, nada.

    So I posted this comment. I figured, “Geez, maybe she knows something about this song that I don’t get..?”

    I really liked the melody and the beat. Lovely to know you did as well.



  4. Hi Maria. Yes, I find that site…well…so many adjectives I guess you could say. Nonetheless, it is interesting to read other’s opinions and thoughts. I have never posted anything there!


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