Yes, I have been picked up and added to another list of blogs/bloggers out there.  As always, I have weighed the pros and cons of writing a post when this happens.  This list ended up on the “pro” side for a few reasons.  One was entirely humour based, I will add.  Always a “pro.”

Also, as I always state, I do not advocate, support, endorse etc… anything on this site.  I am simply supplying you the link to have a look and a read if you wish.  You are all intelligent and can decide whether the information is useful to you or not.  I cannot make that decision for you.

So, about the list.  It’s one of the longer ones out there.  101 blogs. Happy Reading! However, I only see 100 listed.  There are some links within the article, but I’m not going to waste time arguing over a single digit.  Such a thing would be completely pointless and serve no purpose! Although, I really don’t have anything comparatively better to do with my time.

This list is a bit more “tailored” opposed to others I’ve been on.  It deals specifically with Depression.  Which is totally cool.  I’m fine with that.  However, I do find it kind of interesting.  My blog is all over the map considering all of my comorbidities, so if/when it ends up on these lists, it’s more in a general sense.

For example, see the two links on my Blogroll near the top.  “101 Fascinating Brain Blogs” and “50 Fascinating Brain Science Blogs.”  More general, right? You may also be wondering why this one won’t be blogrolled.  Again, part of my decision making process when this happens.  Hey, the majority of the time, I don’t even write a post at all!

The humour based part was their description of me/my blog.  I think this is the best one I’ve gotten yet.  I am #34 on the list (their numbering system holds no ranking–at least not that I believe.)

Occasionally irreverent and always informative, Dr. PA opens up about life with bipolar disorder, Asperger’s, ADD, migraines, PTSD and epilepsy — all of which can coexist with clinical depression.

Now, you tell me.  How wicked is THAT? I’m “irreverent” which means I’m a totally, disrespectful ass, they added is “Dr. PA” (W00t!!!) plus, they listed ALL of my diagnoses.  Indeed.  That is the best description of my blog in a listing, thus far!

The final thing I want to say is about a fellow blogger.  This blogger has always been so supportive of me and feels I am so “great” and my blog is so “great” and this and that…  This person can tend to feel somewhat inferior in the blogosphere.  They feel that no one reads them, they have nothing of value to say.  I say they do!

Well, your time is due? Congratulations, Arkay! You made it at #50. So, take that, buddy! I’m not the only one now who thinks you’ve got something to say! HA!

And finally, here’s the list: 101 Blogs to Help You Deal With Depression.

EDIT: I have added this list to my Blogroll.  I was thinking since it did seem rather “interesting” that I was found there, okay.  Fair enough.


  1. …I must be at 102. I’ll admit, Purple Ninja, that it’d be nice to get on one of these lists once in a while… but I’m never surprised you’re on them.


  2. May

    Congrats! ^__^ Their description is too cute!


  3. Hi Gabriel…. Awww…shit, nin-JAH! Your comment makes me feel so sad.

    While I do find it nice and flattering and all of that when this does happen, what really means more to me is when another blogger puts me on their blog!

    You know how I sometimes think a bunch of these can work, too? Well, I’m pretty damn sure about some! I see the blogs repeated over and over, so it’s like Splogger activity? When that stuff happens, then it becomes almost viral? I get placed “somewhere” and then it’s like a domino effect?

    Although, I will say that you’ve definitely got the upper hand over me in the Awards Sector! Absolutely! Tit for Tat?

    Also, I think you should be surprised I’m on them! I certainly am, and I DO see a lot of other bloggers (including you) that I feel are missing from the lists.

    Don’t worry nin-JAH. Your time will come. *big hugs*





    Hi May. Thanks. Yes, it is pretty funny.


  4. Thanks NinJAH, I feel much better now. Someday I’ll have something to put into my sidebar that says someone thinks I’m a worthy read, I just know it.

    …and what happened to the value of our blogs? Yours is barely $600, mine is about the same, but my “Other Blog” is up to $65,486.64. The Internet makes no sense to me anymore.


  5. Hi Gabriel…. No problem my nin-JAH partner in crime. Also, nin-JAH kitten is right behind you as well:

    The value of our blogs? Well, the whole thing is based upon a wee applet that hooks into a Technoratty API. This guy came up with it a long time ago. Hence, the “sizeable” value of our blogs way back then? The “way back then” all has to do with Technoratty, methinks. I’ll explain why, methinks.

    I’m not sure if it’s “snaf” you’re talking about that’s so bankable now. I tried to search it on Technoratty but the search feature was not working. Why am I not surprised?

    Technoratty has seriously changed. I don’t know why, but what I do know, is it’s always been shite! Now? Get out a diaper for your entire machine before you even open it in your browser!

    I don’t know if you remember before, but you had the “Authority Numbers?” They represented how many people linked to you/had you on their blogroll, basically? That is still there, but when you click on it, diaper filled! All it does is take you to a list of everyone else who has the same “Authority Numbers!” I mean, what the hell use is that?

    It reminds me of that TTLB thing you and I were trying to figure out. “The Truth Laid Bear.” I just went there now and holy “CRAP!” Get out the whole pack of diapers!

    I don’t know if they were having “Technical Issues” but Oh.My.God. I did a search and it said it couldn’t even find my blog! Then, I got the Spinning Beach Ball and I just about had to Force Quit baby MacBook altogether!

    These things are fun, I will admit. I do enjoy putting up silly Widgets as you can tell. However, stay away from “Diaper Filling Apps.” that will destroy your computers!

    EDIT: As above, me mucking about has done something to baby MacBook. I can tell. When my CD/DVD Drive starts making sounds like there is something in it when not, I need to do some investigating.

    Finally, regarding that list of blogs? I realized after making the point that it is somewhat odd that I should be found there, I am going to blogroll it. I have been emailing the man who created it and told him I would.

    I also mentioned that I may have missed something in the number count. Therefore, I told him to check out you! It is undeniable that you are entirely a gem. You deserve much more recognition.


  6. Sid

    I made the same list, but I’m too cynical to bother posting anything about it on my blog. I figured it was just an attempt by them to get me to link to their page and nothing whatsoever to do with the content of my blog. Maybe I’m just a little too paranoid too. Anyway, congrats! If they were numbering them based on rank, I’d put yours much further up the list.


  7. Hi Sid. Good to see you! I understand everything you’re saying. I’ve seen so many of these.

    Some aren’t even lists, either. I’ll just “show up” on someone’s site as a “Featured Blogger.” A lot of them tend to be hospitals or clinics run in the U.S. And as I mentioned to Gabriel…, the blogs mentioned are completely identical! Right down to the description of every one of them! That is definitely Splogger activity.

    These I have found basically by my Referrers list on WP. I’ll go to the site thinking, “How did someone get to me from there?” Actually, a bit tangentially, I’m getting some very weird ones from sites I don’t even want to touch!

    The reason I chose the other two (even if there may have been some repetition and they were also for prospective students of some health-care field) was the content. I mean, folks had PhD.s, some were M.D.s, one blog was about “Neuroethics and Law!”

    So, amazing content and then, What.Am.I.Doing.Here. O.o I’ll even add my Twitter SPAZ O.o token in this comment. But I do feel that way!

    I also agree with you about how much is it really about the content of our blogs. There are an unbelievable amount of blogs (and other sites) that push so hard for SEO and traffic! I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about that! For me, I just find it terribly confusing, but I’ve found blogging confusing since I wrote my first post!

    Yes, I saw you there so congrats, as well! Don’t be silly about any rankings systems either, and putting me higher! I don’t believe in competition stuff! Blogging is supposed to be fun, an outlet, whatever. Your blog is just as “good” as mine.



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