For those that are new (or for those that aren’t and can’t even remember) I’m headed back to the “JDP.”  That would be: “Job Disability Place.”  That’s what I chose to call it on my blog before.

It’s been a very long time.  I didn’t even know if I’d end up back there due to so many variables that I don’t think I can count! It is a good thing, though.  I suppose. *sighs*  Well, no.  It is.  Bugger, me! I’ve got a lot of things spinning around in my head, but it is good.  I’m so damn spinny right now, I’m having a hard time trying to write about this in any organized fashion.

HAAAALLLLPPPP!!! Someone throw me a line!!!

I had said before, that I never referred to myself as “disabled” when I started with them.  However, I’d call myself whatever the hell they wanted, if they’d get me a job.  Things were different then.  I was cruising along, actively applying for jobs, my health issues weren’t…well, I don’t know what to say there except Merlin #2 “questioning” my “abilities” in certain areas and capacities.  If you don’t read those two posts, he said it was something to “keep in mind” but let’s just say I’m really keeping it mind.  A lot in mind.

So, back to the JDP.  Really crazy lapse in time.  First, they went through some sort of re-org. and my file got lost for three months.  I ended up going through Hospitalization #7.  I told them about that.  They then told me I required a letter from Merlin #2 to say I could go back to work.  He wrote it, but by that point, I started going back to school! Finally, I am now ready to go see them again, as I am (desperately) actively searching for work and school is finished.

Did you get all of that? Oh, one more thing.  Since they lost my file, I have to start from the beginning.  I must (re-)attend their Orientation! I tried to fight to get out of that one! No dice.  At least the gentlemen I was working with before is still there.  I requested to be (re-)assigned to him, so at least we could pick up from where we left off! Both the JDP and he said, not a problem.

I also don’t know if they need my letter from Merlin #2.  It was written when I started school–at the beginning of this year! I read and stared.  Good grief.  I just shook my head.  He wrote that I was ready to “…begin reintegration into…”  So…what? Does that mean I had “disintegrated?” Fell apart and became a wee pile of dust on the floor?

Anyway, I’ll ‘fess up to my guy about it all.  I have to, really.  But this is good, though.  I mean, how often do you meet with a “regular” Recruiter or Headhunter every week.  Still, PA scared.


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