Tomorrow’s Another Day, Bit of a New PA?


Yes.  After throwing a fair bit of energy into throwing a fair bit of things in my flat into garbage, recycling…I’m throwing a fair bit of energy into my writing.  This is good.

Things have gotten a bit rowdy around here.  Again.

I fear I may have scared some people off in the online world.  Perhaps not.  Still, I have a feeling.  Deceptions always loom, but no matter.  Even if it is change.  Even if it is the fact that people do not know what to say.  I respect all perspectives.

There are ways to deal with things.  Some for me right now are straight up the middle, some are by being gentle.

I will do my best.  Both for myself and for anyone who still reads me or who keeps track of me.

Thank you for those of you that do.  You are all very important to me.  This blog would be nothing without you.


  1. All you can do is your best. Something I need to remind myself of.


  2. Hi katm. Thank you. I agree and can only do my best. Plus, along that way, try to keep from making too many messes, hurting people in the process, creating so many misunderstandings etc…

    Right now, very right now, the best thing for me to do is lay down.


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