It’s been two months since I admitted I was so stupid about blog ratings. I was going to write this post earlier, but I thought it most auspicious to do it today as somehow WP cacked.  Plus, it is still an “anniversary” of sorts (my initial target date was one month after “launch.”)

You see, I set up my whole “Ratings Concept” as a bit of a lark.  Well, a bit.  I do still stand by the fact that I was completely dense regarding this feature.  However, I must sincerely apologize to everyone out there for my tiny, wee lark.  Especially to all of you who did cast votes.  My lark was really small, though.  I swear! Nonetheless, something happened that did encourage my lark.

As soon as I implemented the “Ratings Concept,” a day or two later (just 24-48 hours!) I received at least 20 posts or more, all marked as “Very Poor.”  Yes.  Most of them were recent ones, as well.  I found that rather interesting.  Did someone else have a “Lark Agenda” of their own?

Or was it Pure Malice! *laughing*

Seriously.  I did want to give it a shot.  More of the serious? I don’t need readers to tell me what they think of my blog, its content, whatever, by a ratings system.  I don’t need little stars, or thumbs pointing up or down, to tell me what people think.  That is why I have a Comment Section.

That is just me.  Some people may really like seeing ratings.  I just see it as another statistical way of somehow trying to measure things.  My blog stats have never really been important to me.  If anyone gets something out of what I write here, that’s all that matters.


  1. We can always just leave a comment. Or hit the ‘like this post button’.


  2. Hi Canageek. Yes, you are right about the “Like” option. That is something I cannot alter. It’s built into the WP templates.

    In the above link, I was getting into a discussion with Gabriel… who is definitely my WP Guru. If I ever have any questions, I go to him first. He usually knows the answers.

    But thanks for “Liking” my post! Another thing that is cooler about that feature (to some degree?) is I can tell who liked it. Your avatar is there. I wonder if someone who was anonymous “Liked” it. I’m sure an anonymous avatar!

    With the whole “Ratings Concept” it was always anonymous. Unless someone posted a real whiz-bang of a comment and then the ratings immediately shot up to Five Stars.

    So, there you go. I guess the “Like” is okay. Heh.

    Take care and hope you’re well, hon.


  3. Oh right…no more ratings.

    I liked the rating thingie. I used to give you 5 stars. And then post a comment.

    Or not.

    But anyway, whatever. This is your blog and you make of it whatever your little heart desires; whatever makes you smile.



  4. Hi Maria. Thanks. I know you were always one to give me tops in the ratings dept., and I did appreciate that. I also always appreciated your comments (and still do!)

    Thanks again for the “blog support.” Even though I dither so much about it (and will continue to do so) that is always what people say. Your blog is your blog. Do with it what you wish.


  5. amy

    Hey U!! I was just listening to Portishead and was reminded of you. Haven’t been here in a long while. I’m not in blog world anymore. Just wanted to say “HEY!” Peace.. Amy


  6. Hi amy. Good to see you. It’s been ages!

    Too funny about listening to Portishead and being reminded of me. I do remember all about that. Ah, when I dumped all of Beth Orton on you (who is awesome) but the best was the crazy kid, huh?

    Alas, you’re no longer blogging but I understand. It does happen. People leave for a variety of reasons. Thank you for letting me know, though. I have woefully taken you off my Blogroll.

    Feel free to keep in touch, however. In any form. Email or by reading. Always welcome, hon.



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