My Semi-Nude Bar Song?

MP3 of the Moment has just been sitting there, barren, for quite a while.  I just got up.  There are other things I want to write about, but here’s a quickie for now.

Oddly enough (why I am choosing it) is this song was in the dream I just had before I woke up.  I have no freakin’ clue what the dream means or any elements of it, either.

It was one of those ‘naked in public’ ones which I’ve never had before.  Well, not that I’ve remembered.  I had a towel at least.  I didn’t care about running around being naked with a towel wrapped around me.  Oh, it was in a bar, too.  Or some kind of club.  That’s where the song comes in.

So, me running around, semi-nude in a bar, not really caring…  I guess that’s a good thing?

There was more to the dream, of course.  There always is.  But another component was that I knew the band (I have met them several times before.)  There was also massive confusion with everyone else in the dream.  No one understood how I knew the band so well and why I was running around naked with a towel.

You’re getting the extended version because it’s better, DJs choice, and music from PAs teenage years was the only thing good about them!

“Nova Heart (Extended Mix)” by Spoons


  1. Hehehehe, I’m sure you could find a club that you could run around in a towel in if you wanted. Might have to goto SF through…..


  2. Hi Canageek. Well, lots of places here that probably wouldn’t care. I’d just look like a total freak and people would be WTF? Although, after all my time in the Fet. Scene?

    However, that’s not exactly proper “Scene Attire.” I’m no longer part of it, but I’m sure the clubs and parties still adhere to the dress code rules: If you’re not wearing it, you don’t get through the door!

    Some of the novitiates may think it would be alright, but sorry! Even after being a member for so long, I don’t think that I could get away with it! Well, I can think of one fetish right off the top of my head where, okay, I might be able to make a go of it! *laughing*


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