It’s been two (three?) long days and nights of doctors, nurses, social workers, hospitals, other care facilities.  Coordinating with several friends, keeping J.’s sister informed of everything 24/7.  She’s in Paris and will be arriving on Wednesday.  Also, trying to navigate government resources and political…is that it? I think so?

Aspie Explosion, indeed! When I left J. tonight, before hitting transit to come home…BOING! I started hopping down the street like Peter Cottontail, after taking six months of my Concerta, all in one shot! Hell, not even my Concerta which is Extended Release Methylphenidate! No! Immediate Release Ritalin!!!

I guess I had to let all of the pent up energy out of me, or it just flew out of me, or both! Why? J. has given me Power of Attorney.  His main reason, is because legally his next of kin would be a parent.  Don’t go there.  His sister would be fine, except she’s in Paris.  We’ve only met once, but we get along alarmingly well.  However, I have my own “agenda” for this role (J. and I have talked about me doing this before.)

J. is in denial about damn near everything.  And thus, I would broaden the “Power of Attorney” clause, to allow me to advocate for him under certain circumstances.  These circumstances being, that he really cannot exercise good judgment in his decision making and expressing himself regarding his needs.  Yes, I’m sneaky like that.  But come on! He’s drowning in Crisis Quicksand! Bugger me, if I’m going to let him drown by acting like a total arse!

So.  If you haven’t figured out what this “Power of Attorney” business has en(bunny)tailed, I have to be completely on top of everything when dealing with all of the professionals.

AHHHH! Note to self: Call J.’s doctor tomorrow morning.  He didn’t tell her I had Power of Attorney to release any/all medical information.  He only mentioned his sister.

Clearly (or murkily) my mental state has had to take a bit of a backseat, here.  I need to refill some scripts (VALIUM/DIAZEPAM!!!) but I was just too tired on the way home.  Tomorrow?

There were no hospital beds available where I wanted him placed last night.  We are still working with those options, though.  He crashed on my floor last night, but that is NOT a solution at all! It would be the end of our friendship! It is volatile enough, thank you very much (or no thank you very much!) I currently have him tonight in an excellent, short term facility that I am very familiar with due to volunteer work etc…  Short term, yet still excellent.

It was kind of funny.  I had called them a couple of times from hospital when there last night.  I didn’t know their procedures and I needed to find out if they had a bed.  Their discharge times were around noon, and the staff person said they thought they would have a male bed the next day, so call then.  I also mentioned that I was calling from the Emergency Dept. of the hospital.

When I called back today, I relayed everything from last night, and the entire situation.  They asked me if I worked in the Emergency Dept. of the hospital! *laughing so hard*  GO, DR. PA, GO!!! “She shoots, she scores! The crowd goes wild!!!”

Sorry.  You’ll have to excuse me.  I am a little tired.

The place really is amazing, though.  It’s in a reconverted “mansion.”  This, I already knew.  However, get a load of this! I also knew it had a solid foundation for community outreach.  You want “reach?” They came to us for a consult, and then we all drove down together to its location.

I have no clue about his future at the moment.  I have no clue about the next five minutes.  Except an impending decision whether to take a Valium or not.


  1. whew, that’s intense. Well, congrats on getting him a place for the night, and here’s hoping things work out.


  2. Hi Corina Becker. Good to see you. Yes, it is very intense and will continue to be so for a while. I am hoping when J.’s sister arrives, things will become a bit more “evenly distributed” even though she is still in Paris. However, I seriously have my doubts.

    J. mentioned that she might be willing to pay for movers to toss all of his stuff into storage. I do know she is feeling pretty useless and doesn’t know what to do (totally understood!) He wants to talk to her in person about it, though (totally understood.)

    I’m sure she’ll be fine with it as I sure as hell don’t have the money! I’ve told her about my situation, as well. Regardless, I’ll still need to organize that with her, all of his friends.

    J. just called and wants to get together this afternoon. No surprise there? I just got up from the most unbelievably, fitful sleep.

    I’m also breaking out in hives for some inexplicable reason. The only “new” thing I’ve introduced to my body is an antiperspirant/deodorant. The other explanation could be stress. I can see the latter being the culprit. Yeah. I’ll have to pick up some antihistamines with my script refills.

    I’m going to try and make the visit with J. brief. Holy cats! I have so much to do for my own piss-pot life! My guy at JDP wants me to do all of this jazz before our appt. on Friday, I am so behind on personal stuff… OMG! Let’s see if I even have the energy. Time to be “The Little Engine That Could?”

    Oh, and I hope this comment doesn’t make me sound like I’m complaining or anything… * rolls eyes and laughs*


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