I think I may need to keep a close watch on wee PA over the next little while.  Although she sounded quite confident in her last post, I do have some concerns.  I am not entirely sure if these concerns will bear fruit.  Nonetheless, if they do, I must be as prepared as possible.

Several things that I have noticed regarding her stress levels are extremely obvious.  Even though she may admit to being somewhat tired and her mind is functional enough, her body is not reacting very well at all!

Her hives have yet to fully disappear and she may be breaking out in more.  I have just given the next dose of Benadryl for those. She had two GERD incidents in a row, waking up in the middle of the night choking on her own gastric acid.  Now, she has developed cold sores around her mouth.  At least she has the best treatment in the world for that.

It is a small, blue tin called Lip Medex® manufactured by a company called Blistex.  It looks like this.

Another Thing For Me To Buy For PAIf they sell it where you live, I strongly urge you to run out and buy some as soon as you are finished reading this.  Also, buy the blue tin! Please do not make the mistake of buying any other coloured tin.  You will be extremely disappointed.

Actually, PA was looking at it last night while in bed.  It said on the lid: For cold sores, cracked and dry lips.  Then on the side of the lid, there was a caution to avoid contact with your eyes.  She thought for a while and found it odd that a person might get cold sores, cracked or dry lips in their eyes.

Moving forward, my concerns are that she might have a bit of a crash after all of this business is done.  I am sure you all know these things can be very common under her current circumstances.  There seems to be nothing but such high concentrations of adrenaline pumping relentlessly through her body.  At least so far, there has been no seizure activity and the rest of her diagnoses seem to be cooperating, too.

Still, neither of the two of us will be able to tell until all is truly over.  She is at home right now, taking a break from everything for the first time yet.  That is unless she receives a telephone call or a text message that something is required.  So far nothing, and that is good.  I think she is drifting off a bit.  I may be losing her.  It could also be the Benadryl.  Perhaps I should not interfere and let her mind simply travel wherever it wants.  That may even necessitate a Valium.  Which of course is fine.  They were not prescribed for lack of reason.

Despite all that is going on, PA feels she is learning something.  Well, of course this is teaching her a lot of things! However, there is something prominent running through her mind.  It may take until the end of this to draw out the answer.  We are talking about it, though.  She thinks she may need to bring up the subject not only with me, as well.  After all, I am just one, little bird.

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