Dead Blog. “Dead” MP3?

Surprisingly, I am seeing people are still looking at my blog via stats.  Yes, it has been “dead” (or at least dormant) for almost a week now.  Why? Ironically a reason that has been “dormant” as well.  Let’s just say insect infestation.  So far, I don’t need to be fumigated yet, but I do feel scarily (warily?) like walking around in a Hazmat suit.

Anyway.  Trying to deal with that by calming music.  I can’t say it’s been doing such a good job, since I’ve been working on DIY fumigation non-stop from last Sunday.

But here is a movement written by Tomas Luis De Victoria.  It was the Requiem/Funeral Mass for the Dowager Empress Maria of Austria who died in 1603.  Do any of you find that interesting? Well, if not, I certainly do.  As always with MP3 of the Moment, it is “Listener’s Choice.”

I have tried to make a selection that is not too lengthy, but also pleasing to the ear.  I will also say that this is secondarily pleasing to my ear, in terms of my beloved Tallis Scholars–so far.

The title, as I must list it in my sidebar, may look strange due to iTunes.  However, as per composer and title, it is this:

“Versa est un luctum” by Tomas Luis De Victoria

Again, listen if you so choose.


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