Archive for November 7th, 2010

Or maybe not so much.  Also, maybe not so much known if this post will be fun, coherent, long, short, whatever else.

For some strange reason(s) that are completely unknown, people on the Spectrum can be ultra-sensitive to the time changes we make twice a year.  DST and whatever the other one is called.  Is there a name for the other one? I can’t recall and I really don’t care at the moment in time.  I’m rather preoccupied with other things.

Because, you see, I am one of those people.  And I think this time it’s the worst yet.  Oh, boy.  No, it is the worst this time.

I can’t think at all, really.  Although, I have been on Twitter.  That’s been killing some time even though I don’t know if I’ve been making much sense.  Others may have thought so at the time.

I’m sick to my stomach but was earlier.  A couple of days ago so either stress or everything started to go to hell BEFORE the time change.

I’m dizzy like, OMG.  I’ve brought out good ol’ Wonder Cane (juuuusssstttt in case.)  I mean, I’ll have to leave my bed at certain times! I’m making tea and that.  It’s a diuretic so I’ll have to go to the bathroom sometime!

I woke up really early.  Well beyond the time I normally do.  After doing so I felt like (and still do) a robot that had been catapulted into space.  But then I immediately started crying somewhere along the way as time passed.  How the hell does changing a clock one hour in time do that?! Do all of this??? Yeah.  That’s the MOST insane of all of this.  My moods are so fucked up changing a clock makes me burst out crying.

I’ve been up for HOURS now.  Yes, this is the worst time change yet.  At some point it’ll probably be time to break out the Valium and the Gravol.  Time for more tea, I guess.