I just had a nice hot shower.  No.  It’s not only my brain that is capable of making someone shower.  I’m sure many other people’s brains can make them take showers, too.  Still, it was just so nice to have that shower because I am finally “cane-less” after two days.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love Wonder Cane and his brother.  I just wish I didn’t have to use them so much.

Only my brain…only my neurons…only my axons…only my synapses…only my action potentials…only…

It all began when we moved our clocks back an hour last Sunday.  People with Asperger’s/on the Spectrum can have issues with this.  I am one of them.  We tend to be sensitive to all sorts of bizarre, environmental things that are benign to the rest of the world.  Not that we’re some kind of an elitist, and exclusive bunch of snobs deserving special treatment (or maybe we are.)

Regardless, we become messed up (by my assumption) as our Circadian Rhythms get off balance.  Even by that one hour.  You may even want to take this further to an Ultradian Rhythm that cycles with the 24 hour Circadian.  You can also move on to how that one hour affects the environment as a whole.  Weather, daylight…  Yes, we are a sensitive little gang at times.

I know this is affecting me.  It’s one thing to take time, move it back an hour and then wake up an hour earlier (according to your clock.)  Basic math! Surprisingly, even I can get that despite my utterly, horrific Dyscalculia! What I don’t get, is now it won’t stop! I keep going “backwards in time.”  So, today, I woke up two hours before what the time would have been before we changed it.  YAY!

Oh, but I’m not even near done yet! Recall the “48 hour cane stuff” at the beginning? Well, time changes don’t make me that sick! Plus, I’m still sick.  Look at the date of this post, folks.  The time change was Sunday?

And so.  I’ve got all my post-“ick”tal© symptoms of NCSE (Non-convulsive Status Epilepticus.)  Actually, I have a new one, too! For the first few hours of my day, blurred vision! Let’s hope that one doesn’t hang around.

I was actually a bit concerned about this.  At the very least, curious? I certainly couldn’t remember how I felt six months ago when we moved an hour forward.  In trying to remember, I didn’t think I felt as sick as I was on Sunday! So, I decided to just wait and see.  What else could I do?

I guess this is the answer.  Only my brain.  A simultaneous “kersplat!” with both.  I definitely have no control over world time changes and not so much control over NCSE, either! I don’t feel the seizures with NCSE, just like I don’t feel time passing me by!

Well, I’m feeling them now; or rather, the aftermath of both.  And I’m not happy about it.

Which I think is a pretty obvious thing to say, but cut me some slack.  There aren’t too many people who know how cognitively impaired I get when I’m post-“ick”tal©.  Saying that was nothing! I’m can do WAY better than that! Those folks in the know can attest to my post-“ick”tal©, cognitive impairment prowess, and just how entertaining I can be.


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