I swear to fucking god.  One more reason to get out of this place!!!

I’ve been here three nights now.  There’s this one girl.  She’s Korean.  Which makes absolutely no difference.  Why am I mentioning that.  Probably because I’m pretty much a somnambulist due to this tale.

Fer each uh’ mah three nights, she’s come a’ walkin’ raight throo mah door, raight as I’m snoozin’ away!!! It’s some a’ yer darn, tootin’ best fun, y’all!!! Okay, clearly I’ve lost it.

Even still, it’s true! Right in the middle of the night! I finally talked to her today (I mean seriously, actual words.)  She apologized and I asked her if she was seeing a Neurologist.  I felt that would be a really good idea.  Just my two cents.  A stab in the dark? *groan*

Oh, dear god.  Keep your mouth shut and just sleep! Well, perhaps I shouldn’t fault her if she’s walking around all night, bumping her noggin and doing who knows what else.  She sounded like the biggest junkie (still high) on the planet (also talking with a mouth full of marbles.)

At least last night I was heavily into REM sleep and happily dreaming away when she came in.  I think it actually was a happy dream.  If I’m remembering what it was, and it wasn’t something I was just thinking about before going to sleep.  Which could have been the same thing as that’s how you can kind of “induce” a dream.

Yes.  It was a good thing I was in REM sleep last night.  Also, maybe I’m getting used to it.  I just sat up and said: “<Name>, you’re sleepwalking again.”  She started apologizing and walked out of my room.

It sure was better than the night before when I was NOT in REM sleep! I woke up to see her sort of standing there and started screaming, “AHHH! AHHH! AHHH! AHHH!”

No, I did.  I felt like I was the star in some really bad slasher flick. *laughing*  She turned around and slowly waltzed out.  I took a couple of moments to compose myself and then stormed my way to the nursing station.

I wonder what’s going to happen tonight.  Last night, she was looking oddly like she was about to sit on my bed.  She was sort of reaching out toward the end of it.

Oh, shit.  Please DO NOT let it get to the point where she starts thinking it’s her own bed!

Sorry! Occupied!


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