Well, I can’t really interrupt my stay too much.  I’m still here.   Also, since what I am about to tell you has in fact transpired while I’m still in hospital…oh, whatever!

Excuse the fact that I am not making much sense but there is good (but not so good) reason.  However, some good (or possible good) has come about by the fact that I’m not making much sense.  Comprendé?

The thing is, I’m post-“ick”tal© (again.)  That would account for the inherent incoherence.  I’m completely out of my mind for just one reason alone, that being some Gravol/Dimenhydrinate taken…some time ago.  However, that one reason alone is not the only thing that is putting an incredibly goofy smile on Dr. PAs face right now.

Considering she’s walking around with Wonder Cane, she’s actually Dr. PA/House.  She’s been impersonating him all day as well.  Much to her chagrin.  Apparently, she’s not doing such a good job or a lot of people don’t watch House.

More importantly, she has been doing a much better job as House in his specialty of, acerbic sarcastic wit (despite what Cuddy as her boss, not girlfriend, told others what to think) diagnostician.  She may have found a pattern for what may be lowering her seizure threshold, tickling her brain in a very undignified manner (is there such a thing as “dignified tickling?”) as far as her NCSE.  Despite still following all of those Medical Dramas while eating coma patients’ food, she’s still taking decent notes.

The NCSE events may be in alignment with her cycle.  Things may be happening when she gets her period and when she ovulates.  It’s just been too hard to tell, because the post-“ick”tal© problems have been what’s so difficult to monitor and keep track of.

“Increase her Clobazam/Frisium by n mg.  Well, don’t just stand there looking at my Yahtzee game if you think that dose is too low.  Or maybe you’d prefer Scrabble if you’re REALLY competitive and want to pick alternate medication while she just remains in a continual post-“ick”tal© state.  Now go!”

*swings cane across table knocking everyone’s mugs off except her own*

Seriously, though? Clobazam is widely used for catamenial seizures.  The dates aren’t perfect but neither are hormones.  Nothing is exact.  Nonetheless, a few days off here and there, yet a pattern demonstrated repeatedly does justify further examination.  Plus, I’m already on Clobazam! At a VERY low dose, too.  Let’s crank up the volume, Non-Arsey Neuro?

I’m not shooting for the stars.  No.  But if this is something, it’s huge.  The titration of my Lamictal/Lamotrigine shut down a lot of other seizure activity.  Now, it only seems to be the NCSE that is so hard for me to deal with.  Which would make a hell of a lot of sense if the above is true.  Think about it! I’m seizing roughly every two weeks?


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