Well, no.  I won’t take back everything I’ve said about being in hospital.  However, I will take back a few things.

There’s lots of stuff that I’ve been meaning to write; to keep you up to date and that.  I’ve gotten derailed somewhat, though.  The longest “derailment” happened today.  That’s why I want to take back a few of the nasty things I said about being here in this hospital.

Where I’m staying is basically the biggest, best, hot shot, mental “institution” in…well, could we go so far as the country? Certainly the entire province! Still, its size and presence is rather “ominous.”  So, I’d say pretty significant “big, best and hot shot” ratings for the country. *nods*

My derailment today? I only got out of my bed unless absolutely necessary.  I couldn’t believe it when I made the joke.  I’ve made this joke to Occupational Therapists before.

The only portion of the “biggest, best, hot shot” and the only floor of sooo many (they have two locations.)  I was in Aspie/AD(H)D HEAVEN!!!


OMFG.  Now do you understand why wee, Aspie, ADD PA didn’t want to get out of bed all day??? Plus, toss in some more post-“ick”tal© Gravol/Dimenhydrinate and Valium/Diazepam?

This afternoon, I almost fell asleep! When do I fall asleep during the day??? I had to put on some relaxing music to wake up! *laughing*

Speaking of sleeping, I just had to say goodbye to my new, little best friend.  I can’t sleep with him. *makes sad face*  They’re afraid someone might get smothered and die.

So, I gave him a goodbye hug at the Nursing Station.  I told him I loved him and that I’d see him tomorrow.  I thought I’d better do it a couple of hours before bedtime, because drawing it out longer would have made it all the more painful!

After trying the real thing instead of DIY versions all my life, I MUST get one of these! I absolutely have to get one!

Here, they have several different weights.  I started with 14lbs. but that was a bit much for wee PA! I dropped down to the 12lb. one and it seemed alright.

I have no idea how much they are, but they say you can never put a price on your health? Or something like that? I wrote down the name of the company but I’m sure you could Google loads of them out there.

I’m still pooped.  Right now, out of it again on post-“ick”tal© protocol Gravol and Valium.  Total Space Cadet.  Also, people are starting to get sick in here like wildfire! I’m actually feeling a bit of a sore throat, I think, too.  Eep! Hand Sanitizer everywhere I go!

So, I’m going to lay down again.  Without my new best friend.  Oh, well.  He’ll be waiting for me tomorrow when I get up.


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