Much to my surprise, word has spread even further than I’d thought about me (that would be Purple nin-JAH if you don’t already know!) There is also my nin-JAH partner in crime and our third mastermind, thus creating such an unbelievable…

Well, perhaps I should not be so surprised that word has spread so far about us! I guess I really didn’t consider a Psych Ward.  I mean, “crazy people” aren’t the types of evil foes we actually fight and protect others from.  However, now that I think of it a bit more, people in Psych Wards may know more about us than most! After all, they are such a vulnerable population!

Either way, I guess word is getting out.  I’m not so sure about the number of letters the others have received from fans, but I think I am still in the lead.  At last count, I’ve gotten 308,745.  Give or take.  Also, that’s just for the month of November.  We’ll see what happens throughout December and then I’ll do a year-end tally.

I was talking with one of my biggest fans, Catatonic Kid on Twitter today.  In fact, we’re working on her handling all of my PR issues, becoming my Agent and stuff like that.  Obviously with that number of fan letters alone, all of it’s getting rather tedious as you can imagine.

So, yes! Fans indeed! While taking my sojourn in hospital here, I was given this by quite the fan! An origami nin-JAH star! On such lovely paper, too! So nice, don’t you think?

You Will Always Be Safe With Me!

You Will Always Be Safe With Me!

If you’d like an autographed photo, are interested in a possible interview, starting an official fan club or any other matters, please contact my new PR Agent above.

Thank you all,
Purple nin-JAH


  1. GirlBlue

    hehe that’s too cute.

    Will have to get one of those autographed photos :D


  2. Hi GirlBlue. Purple nin-JAH to the rescue! I had to free you from the (sometimes) evil Akismet Spam Queue!

    For you, anything. I’ll even make an exception for the two of you (the second being my PR Agent.) You need not bother her. Contact me directly and I’ll send you an autographed picture as soon as I can.

    Take care, darling.


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