An Unbelievable Discovery While in Hospital!

It is a very difficult thing to admit that I’ve placed a small drain on the funding of our health-care system.  It was absolutely necessary, though.  It had to be done.  As soon as I saw it, it could no longer remain on hospital grounds.

I was changing my pillow cases and one that I took had some writing on it.  I was shocked! Astonished!

After I retrieved another pillow case, I carefully went over this patient’s chart.  Yes! That is what it was! I knew I had to be very delicate in doing so, for I had never seen a chart written on such material before.  I did not know its age, but as any Forensic or Anthropological Scientist should know: Handle With Care!

Unfortunately Forensics isn’t really my specialty.  Also, this branch of medicine isn’t my area of specialty, either.  If you don’t already know, I deal with Psychiatry and Neurology.  This case had to do with Urology.  Ironically, when studying, I always had a soft spot for Urology, though.  Strange.

Also, Dr. PA would never be so egregious to state she knows everything about medicine.  But truly, does any doctor? Why then would they need to appeal to all of those reference books on their shelves? Sometimes even during your appointments with them! Nonetheless, should some other medical professional stumble across this and provide further insight, that would be fantastic! Collaboration is always a good thing.

This patient had cancer.  At the time their BP reading was noted in the chart, it was 167/105.  The patient was suffering from hypertension.

A foley catheter and a nephrostomy were ordered via stent.  However, you do always have to laugh at doctor’s handwriting! It looks more like “scant” or “scent.”  But foley catheters and nephrostomies are far from rare.  And further, I don’t think any medical professional would ever want to smell them!

Also written was this:

35q 98-16 LTA
96% R/L 150

R/L 150 is as a brand of a rhinolaryngoscope.  However, the accompanying 96% to the left?

Well, all endoscopes and many other things used for medical procedures are measured in specific numbers and defined sizes.  Like ‘n’ (mm, cm) etc…  This rhinolaryngoscope’s insertion tube has a measurement of 3.5mm.  I think that is perfectly reasonable considering how it would be used.  Why?

I would like you to pause for a moment, and imagine having a 3.5cm scope shoved up your nose and down your throat.  Even 96% of that number doesn’t make much of a difference, does it?

I perish the thought that such a rhinolaryngoscope would actually be on the market.  If there were to be, I would hope that someone verified this as a possible error quite quickly before your procedure.  Now, if this was no error, I really hope your doctor/specialist/surgeon/anaesthetist knocks you out with some serious sedation.  Post-op, I hope someone, anyone would follow up with extremely strong sutures!

As per the first line, I’m not quite sure of the orders that were given (or to be given.)  You see, I’ve never administered a toxin! That is correct.  LTA is lipoteichoic acid.  It is a gram positive bacteria that stimulates mitochondrial growth of the T lymphocytes of your immune system.  It has no impact on your B lymphocytes.

This is, in fact, a treatment for cancer.  Although, how successful I do not know, either statistically overall, or for this patient.  No further entries were made on the pillow case regarding the patient’s further course of treatment, or sequelae.

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