And the Winner for Typical Absence Status Epilepticus is…

Certainly not me! Although, maybe I’ll get lucky and receive some kind of “award.”  Like making it stop!!!

I went to see Non-Arsey Neuro yesterday.  There was no argument with my findings.  I covered a fair amount of what we discussed in that link, but in terms of presentation, history, treatment etc… I am a textbook case (and more unfortunately.)  I am an extreme textbook case.

I get sicker than most people do, it lasts longer than most people’s episodes (six days) and because of the catamenial onset? It involves both my period and when I ovulate.  Disgustingly ill for 12 days every month! It’s actually worse than when I’m “normally” post-“ick”tal© as I’m not as sick then and those events only last 72hrs.!

We played a little “Treatment Tennis” but only after I moped and pouted about what I really wanted: Midazolam/Versed.  It’s a benzodiazepine.

I was on this drug before when they had to completely sedate me for my gastroscopy and colonoscopy.  Yes, it can be used for non-invasive surgical procedures.  Are you all wondering if I was just hoping to make myself completely unconscious for those 12 days each month? No.  I wanted this uber-coolness about Midazolam!

It’s the only benzo that’s water soluble.  As a result, if given in minute forms orally or intranasally it may actually terminate status when it starts! Whoa.  Since I have an established pattern, give it a shot? “Shot” indeed.  “Shot” to hell! “Shot” was responsible for me moaping and pouting! In Canada, we only have IV or intramuscular injectable forms.

Not that Dr. PA would have a problem sticking a needle into herself on a regular basis.  It’s just that there are a couple of possible problems for both Dr. PA and Non-Arsey Neuro.  IM injections are a bit more difficult to administer than subcutaneous ones (think insulin.)  Then, there’s the issue that Dr. PA could accidentally screw up and put herself into a coma.  Dr. PA dies and then Non-Arsey Neuro loses his license to practise medicine FOREVER.

So back to the pills and the start of our game.  We met at the net to shake hands and discuss my Clobazam/Frisium.  It is a specific benzo used only for epilepsy and strongly recommended for Catamenial seizures.  I said since we’re treading into Absence seizure territory, will it be useful? Also, would it be strong enough, anyway? I’m also on Valium/Diazepam! We both agreed a truckload of benzos wouldn’t do a thing.

He lobbed the first serve of Phenytoin/Dilantin.  Oh, boy.  Very old and it may work for some but I always say, “Get out the Drool Cup!” At least I had a good response.  Again, if we’re getting into Absence seizure territory Phenytoin can exacerbate them.

My serve.  He just said to me, “What do YOU want to do?” At this point? Go for the only choice left for Absence seizures.  Or the best choice: Depakene/Depakote.  Hang on for the ride, PA!

With my Lamictal/Lamotrigine, it could increase my clearance rate from anywhere up to 26-70hrs.! Okay.  I could be getting more bang for my buck with that! Watch for Lamictal weirdness.  I could get hypothermic or end up with too much ammonia in my blood with my Topamax/Topiramate.  Alright.  If I get too whacked out, my temperature drops too low, I feel barfy or actually throw up after too long? Keep on top of it all, make adjustments if necessary.

It will also play around with the properties of my Valium.  Lower its effects.  Maybe not so good for stressy, stressy PA.  Still, maybe none of these things will happen at all.  At least to any detriment.

*sighs* I mean, it’s not like I want to add another drug to my already, huge cocktail.  Do I have a choice? I don’t need to beat this thing into submission, I need to beat it to death! Also, no guarantees but this combination is actually a good one–definitely the Lamictal and the Depakene.

When I left, he said, “Don’t drink too much!” with it being Christmas and all.  On my current cocktail? I don’t think it takes much to get wasted now! I’m not starting this change immediately but I’ll be trashed as soon as I do! And maybe not in a fun way? I don’t know.  Ah, Non-Arsey Neuro is hilarious.  I love him.


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