I always blog about my med changes.  However, today I wasn’t going to bother.  I haven’t really been capable of much because my brain has moved far, far beyond cognitively impaired.  Maybe cognitively despaired? No.  That’s not quite right.  Cognitively disrepaired? Hmmm.  Cognitively irrepaired? Okay.

Although, I now feel rather compelled to make a post.  I have been inspired.  Because, you see, there is a certain someone out there that seems to be enjoying my cognitive irrepairment a fair bit.  Maybe more than a fair bit.  Which rather compels me to go so far as to call this person a brat! But maybe not.  I can see humour in it now.  After it taking almost 12 hours for me to get “the joke.”  HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Right.  So, what’s been happening with the Depakene/Valproic Acid.  Yesterday, after taking my first dose, my appetite shot up like a rocket, within only a few hours! I ate all night until I went to bed! I took the second pill earlier on in case the same thing happened.  It did.  Wow.  Hello, wacky Zyprexa/Olanzapine days! I was also a bit loopy but not like…

…today.  Also, bye bye appetite.  I said I haven’t been capable of much.  Forsooth.  I have spent all day in bed.  I had some tea in the morning.  Then, I had to switch over to gingerale.  My tummy told me to do it.  It also told me to take some Gravol/Dimenhydrinate.  That added to my cognitive irrepairment, but tummy overruled heady!

My head told me to take some ibuprophen as it was REALLY hurting.  Not too much success there.

What else has my day consisted of? I’ve picked up random objects at random intervals that I’ve thought might be good ways to pass the time.  I’ve done a lot of staring.  Sometimes at nothing, sometimes at actual “things.”  At least my brain has no “distance irrepairment” so I can look at things either close up or across the room.  That’s probably a good sign.

I’m not sure what else, but maybe I’m too cognitively irrepaired to remember.  That would surely make sense.  At least I can make that assumption? That’s probably another good sign.

I don’t know what I’ll do until I go to bed.  I guess more of the same.  Unless that person I mentioned up there comes around to “play” beforehand.

Message to Said Person: “I’m watching you…”

Or at least I’m TRYING! I feel like I’m playing a combination of “Blind Man’s Bluff” “Mother May I” and “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” in a Circus Fun House, with all the mirrors turned sideways!


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