I will try to give you as much information as possible, here.  As you can probably ascertain from her last post, I have a lot on my fins right now with PA.  You see, she is having more problems with starting her Depakene than we both anticipated.  We tried contacting her Neurologist, but he will be away until next Tuesday.  These problems must be addressed now.

The only way to do that, is for me to take PA to hospital.  She does not want to go.  Despite the fact that she was thinking of going last night.  Perhaps now that she actually is, well, I will not attempt to hazard a guess what she is thinking.  Although, I feel somewhat strongly she does not want to attempt to hazard a guess what she is thinking.  That is, if she knows what she is thinking, at all.  However, I will not make any assumptions or guesses there, either.

I have helped her out by trying to get her moving, getting, slightly, better dressed and having a shower.  I said the latter might be a good idea if someone may wish to perform an EEG.  They might? One never knows.  The notion had escaped her completely.

She is very frightened.  For simply one reason alone, she is having very serious communication problems.  She is worried they will not understand.  She cannot even remember simple things such as dates.  It is more than losses of periods time.  There is far, far more, but her communication comes to a full stop regarding other issues.  She refuses to even tell me!

I will keep working away.  I will get her there, eventually.


  1. *hugs*

    Send love from all of us in Twitter. Hope she’ll be much better very soon. Sending hugs to you too, AP.

    Take care

    P <3 x


  2. Thanks for posting. I was definitely getting worried about our friend, PA. I was getting ready to email her tonight.


  3. TriniGirlBlue

    *hugs* to PA

    When I was on depakote I had serious problems with memory too, making a simple sentence or expressing myself was a challenge. I find that even now that I am off it I still have issues from time to time, which makes me wonder if its a long lasting effect or if I always had bouts of inarticulateness (is that a word?)

    Hope you feel better and not so facked.

    Happy New Year Sweetie, may the new year bring good things for you


  4. Aspie Penguin

    Hello Pandora. Thank you so much for your love, and including all the love from everyone else on Twitter! That’s quite a lot of love! Thank you for you hugs for me, too. *wraps fins around you*

    Hello katm. Oh, you are most welcome.

    I know. That was a rather unfortunate blog post. She usually writes like that on Twitter, but not her blog. She was definitely out of control and I couldn’t catch her fast enough.

    However, her reasons for being somewhat out of control are valid enough, I think. Despite the fact she feels terribly embarrassed about it, and a lot of other things that have been going on this past week.



  5. Aspie Penguin

    Hello TriniGirlBlue. PA has noticed you keep getting caught in her Spam Queue for some reason. I am not sure why, but now it has happened again. It is always best to check your WordPress Dashboard!

    Thank you for sharing your experiences of being on Depakote. I think that is what PA should do. Even though it is only anecdotal evidence, and can be completely pish posh at times, at others it can be useful (for example if it seems recurring.)

    There is more she needs to research but I will let her share that in her next post. She has calmed down enough to write. In fact, she has gone in completely the opposite direction. Yes, it is true yet again. She may not be able to string any complicated sentences together today, but we will see how things proceed.


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